Yola – Free domain names


Nothing in life is free or is it?

Yola for those who haven’t heard of it yet is a brilliant concept. It gives new business start ups the chance to pick up a domain name for free and host it for free for 12 months.

So maybe you’re thinking of starting up a new business but don’t have the big budget to spare, give them a try.

We for one thing this is a brilliant idea to help create more internet based companies in the UK.

Visit Yola.com

Google Webmaster Tools – Top Tip #1


For those of you already familiar with Google Webmaster tools then this will be very simple and for those less experienced with this area, well it’s still going to be very simple but you just need to pay attention.

Google webmaster tools is a must for every site owner or SEO.

Simply because it enables you to communicate with Google even better, and with the right set up you can get your search results indexed even more quickly.

Webmaster Tools Top Tip #1

Most admins only verify the domain with the www but if you verify with the http:// and without the www you will ensure your site is indexing more frequently.

Also you can change the crawl parameters from the standard 30 day(ish) crawl to weekly, daily, hourly or constant. So no more waiting around for pages to get indexed. WordPress sites generally do this for you but if you’ve not got a WordPress powered site give it a go and see your pages on Google search within a few minutes.

Directories Good or just long in the tooth?


Today I read a post from Yell.com which made me chuckle and then I began to think.

I wonder how many people are still:

  1. Paying too much for directory advertising
  2. Buying everything their sales people tell them

The article in question is one of Yell’s latest ideas to resurrect it’s slump in sales over recent years. It was an article about Google Places, just some regurgitated waffle which we’ve all heard before. Nothing substantial at all.

Google+ How important is it?


With Google hot on the heels of Facebook and Twitter, Google+ obviously integrates with Google search results much more easily.

The question you should be asking yourself is how important is Google+ going to be for SEO and does my website need it?

Is Google+ important for my SEO?

Google haven’t just launched a multi billion dollar idea for the hell of it. They want businesses to realise that using Google+ with their business is extremely important.

Not only will your website content be found on Google search more easily by all of your Google+ connections but your Google+ profile and avatar may be seen within the search results.

Obviously this is a great way to get more connections and build your circles.

More information on Google+ and SEO coming soon.

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Google Dance


Bet you didn’t know Google liked a bit of a dance did you? Well it does.


What is the Google Dance?

Google is constantly making updates to it’s dataset, this includes your websites information and ultimately it’s organic ranking results. Approximately every 21 days Google will update their ‘index’ with the latest website rankings. This is when you will usually see a mass update in results. Sometimes the visible changes to Google rankings may seem very minor but that may just be down to good SEO’s and webmasters doing their jobs properly to keep the results for their clients.

This period is often referred to as the Google Dance.

The Google Dance Explained

The volume of data that Google has to process is enormous which can take days even as long as 2 weeks as we’ve previously seen. So during this time of data consumption by Google you may notice results fluctuating, and for that’s the reason the term Google Dance came to be….

We’ve read that this period of indexing usually happens once a month or every 4 weeks but we’ve actually pinned it down to 17-21 days on average. We have even noticed a different Google Bot in the past 18 months visiting our honeypots that we use to track and collate all this information. The bot unlike any other bot will show a different operating system, screen resolution and variable IP addresses not seen before from Google Bot traffic.

I will try and get a screen shot up in the next few days from our statcounter account to show you.

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Local SEO

Local SEO

Blog Local SEO SEO

Local Search is 76% of all online searches

If your business is of local nature, i.e it provides it service within a town, city or county then you probably need to local at our Local SEO packages before anything else.

Local SEO: affordable for any business

Until a few years ago most people only though of generic searches when it came to SEO, the local business was not a factor in Search Engine Optimization.

We started SEO21 primarily to provide local SEO so that any business could take full advantage of their website and internet marketing strategy.

We know Local SEO

We’re proud that our local SEO results are so amazing that we’ll challenge any SEO to try and beat us. It won’t happen. Most people think very linear, I am a plumber in Leicester so I need only be found for ‘plumbers Leicester’.


Although that is probably the search with the most monthly searches there are long tail keyword phrases, variations and nearby towns and areas that should account for more of your new business enquiries.

Local Search Examples:

Plumbers in Leicester, Best Plumbers Leicester, Plumbers LE1, Cheap Plumbers Leicester, Reliable Plumbers Leicester, Emergency Plumbers Leicester.

This kind of lateral thinking can help your business pick up far more work that you would have seen before. There is probably less competition for these searches, so you will find it easier to climb to the first position on Google. And because these searches are far more descriptive they are more likely to convert in to new business.

Just think about when you search for something, you often start out with something like ‘restaurants Manchester’ and after finding a wide array of restaurants you might tailor your search to  ‘Italian restaurant Manchester City Centre’.

We are a culture of convenience and what ever can make our day to day lives that bit easier we are inclined to use it.

Key Elements to Local SEO Success

Website Optimization

Make sure that your website is optimized to be found for as many different permutations for your choose keywords and locations. Don’t just be found – DOMINATE the local search results.

Google Places Optimization

If you’re going to put your marketing budget anywhere put it to good use with Google Places. This is possibly the most important and valuable asset to the success of your local SEO campaign.

  • It’s often the first results found on Google
  • It shows all of your business details including website and telephone number
  • Call To Action is what Google Places does best

Understanding your business needs


Step 1 to any SEO campaign is getting to know your business. If we don’t understand exactly what you do, how you work and your customer model then how can we get you loads more new business of the right customer?

More than just kick ass SEO

When ever we take on any new SEO campaign we treat it like our own business. We get the same highs when the results start flooding in and when the business profit is up 200% in 12 months.

This is what really sets us out from any other SEO. We care about your business, because if you’re making money, you’ll tell friends, associates about us and we get a real sense of job satisfaction.

What you can expect

Your personal account manager will be constantly communicating with you by phone, email and in person where available to discuss your business and what makes it tick. We want to know where you are now and where you want to be in 5 years.

Growth? Who doesn’t want their business to grow, and we’ll help you make that happen.

Google Goggles or Googgles – This is the future of the internet


Glimpse The Future Through Google Goggles

Last Updated 09:13 05/04/2012
Google has unveiled augmented reality glasses that display a layer of information over everything the wearer sees through them.
The company’s first venture into wearable computing, dubbed Project Glass, was demonstrated in a video and post written on Google+.

In the promotional video, titled One Day, a man sends messages to his friends, gets directions for his route and a built-in camera takes pictures along the way.

The post says: “A group of us from Google[x] started Project Glass to build this kind of technology, one that helps you explore and share your world, putting you back in the moment.

“We’re sharing this information now because we want to start a conversation and learn from your valuable input.”

The post also contains some photos of people wearing the new eyewear.

The glasses are wrap-around and feature a small clear display that sits above one eye.

They are not on sale yet but Google employees will be testing prototypes in public.

Reaction on Twitter after the video was posted was largely positive. @stroughtonsmith wrote: “Google’s AR Glasses are a reality; I want one!”

@soldierknowsbest tweeted: “Wow. I want these glasses Google,” and @raeso77 said: “…not sure if this is a wind up but if it’s not it looks cool as. Future looks very interesting.”

Google is changing are you ready?

SEO Website Optimization

This year we are about to see possibly the most important Google Algorithm update to date. Forget the Panda update, if you knew your stuff and had an ethical SEO team working for you probably didn’t see any changes in your search engine results at all.

Fresh – pfffft!

You’d better be ready for Google

The next major update which Google have even announced ahead of its launch, to prepare webmasters and businesses to get ready for the biggest shake up yet.