Why you need Google Plus

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Google+ is one of the biggest and most important updates in Social Media and Google in years.

Better than Twitter?

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Google+ actually integrates with the organic search results. Just do a search for SEO21 and you will see my awful picture (taken pre too many burgers and beer).

We really love using this Google+ integration with blog posts and articles because it invites the user to connect with you on Google+ and helps them get to know you a bit before they even click on the website page.

Great for Local Businesses

I’m not sure if I would say better as it’s early days but I prefer the layout and functionality over Twitter. It has taken a bit of getting used to but I really love how it features ‘Nearby Posts’ so anyone in my local area can see my Google+ Posts, a great way for any local business to cast their net even wider.

Try Google+ and See for Yourself

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Blog SEO

All websites that get traffic usually don’t make the best use of it. They probably think well those that didn’t contact me probably aren’t any use anyway.


Google remarketing is one way to keep your profile in front of users who’ve previously clicked on your Google Adwords listings.

But an even better way which is likely to convert in to new business is Google+.

Spread the word with +1’s

When anyone clicks the +1 button next to your page in the Google search results, on on your page or post content this will be shared with all of their friends, followers and customers.


E-commerce’s Secret SEO Weapon

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If your business sells products online, be it in the physical or digital sense then are you missing out on one of the greatest most unused SEO tools within your arsenal?

Google Merchant Centre Optimization

That’s right Google have even created a dedicated place for any business to sell their products online. The best part about it’s free to all.

For pretty much any product search, Google will present the user with 3 product options currently for sale right now. They’ve also included a tab at the top of the results (and the left) called ‘Shopping’ and when you click that you are presented with all of the products it has in it’s database.

How do I get my products listing in Google Merchant Centre/Google Shopping?

That’s the tricky part, you’re going to need to understand XML feeds, and read through all of Google’s guidelines before you can upload your list. If you do this incorrectly you feed will not be indexed within the Google Shopping results.

Let us handle the techno trickery for you

For a nominal fee not only can we create your XML feed for Google Shopping but even optimize it to make sure it features within the first page results.

Say goodbye to Adwords forever

How do I remove a Google+ Local review?

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If your business has been attacked by a spammer, another business or individual by posting fake reviews on your Google Places business listing and don’t know what to do about it read on.

Over the past 3 years since Google Places really became THE place for any local business to be found, we have seen thousands of cases on Google Help Forums and from customers who have had their Google Places listing smeared with what can only be described as fake reviews.

Many have tried the obvious approach and to try to contact Google either through their local business listing ‘report a problem’ panel or on the Google Places forums. Unfortunately it would seem Google do not currently have the man-power to support this fake review problem which leaves many business owners and SEO’s feeling frustrated and scratching their heads.

I am sure there will be some who will be honest and admit  I have even tried to do things that maybe ‘aren’t that clever’ to try to fix, and I personally don’t blame them for doing so. When your business works so hard to play it by the book and offer a fair, honest service and then a competitor simply undoes all the hard work you’ve done to build up your online reputation who can blame them.

I’ve been doing Google Places optimization for 8 years now nearly and I’ve seen a lot, learnt a lot too but today I am going to show you something that might just help your business by helping you delete unwanted Google Places reviews.

I represent a client in London, a very well-known physiotherapy clinic. Doing very well on Google Places, organically getting thousands of unique visitors per month and generally very happy with Google. That was until they had a review posted on their Google Places listing. For obvious reasons I am not going to name that clinic but I will give you some details on the kind of things written on their review.

The user had never posted a review for another business under that account before but went on to smear the clinic and owner with real hatred. Some of the comments were simply shocking! Nothing about the service itself, more about the actual physio and none of them true, the reason I can say this is we’ve checked the dates and the physio himself wasn’t even there during that period. So anyway I advised him to respond publicly through his Google Places local business centre account which he did. 2 weeks later the user deleted the post and reposted within a week. They knew what they were doing, they knew that this would repost the review and put it back the top of the pile so everyone would see. This happened twice over 3 months in total.

We tried everything, contacting Google, speaking to someone at Google Ireland (which was about as helpful as speaking to an orange).

Then I found this…..

getting google places reviews removed

Thinking this isn’t going to work I filled out the violation form in detail and waited with bated breath.

Please note I clicked on the second link ‘this page‘ to submit a legal request.

report policy violation google places reviews

Today we checked and the review has been removed!

This is great news for the clinic and hopefully for you too. I don’t expect this to work for everyone.

Good Luck and if you like our post please don’t forget to Retweet, +1 or Like.

Youtube & Internet Marketing

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Although I am a firm believer in that you should dip your toe in every possible pond when it comes to your Internet marketing campaign, I don’t see a lot of local businesses utilising the power of Viral marketing.

Just because you’re local doesn’t mean viral can’t work for your customers.

As a nation on the whole let’s face it we’re lazy, we don’t spend hours reading, we browse, we click, we skip through page after page until something grabs our attention.

By getting helpful 30 second videos out there to promote your services you could increase the chance of a new customer contacting your business instead of someone else’s.

Think about that………

Avoiding the Penguin

Blog Link Building

Over the past 4 weeks we’ve been inundated with emails from people (not our customers) who’ve been hit with the Google Penguin penalty and what they should do.

Okay let’s break it down for you…

  1. Stop link building
  2. Halt all website amendments

We’ve recently see a couple of sites who’ve been hit hard by the Penguin and their SEO continued to overuse anchor text in their link building strategies. This has resulted in further penalties and even poor search rankings.

It’s hard enough to get the offending back links removed as it is, continuing your link building before resolving the current reasons for your Penguin penalty is just crazy.

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