eBay Affiliate Partner Network Approved in 24 hours


Just a quick update from my first earlier today.

I have just been sent the email I was hoping for to tell me my eBay affiliate partner account has been activated.


Getting Approved on eBay Affiliate Network


I am a little embarrassed that I have never utilised the power of the eBay affiliate network up until now, especially as I am an experienced SEO geek. A friend/colleague recently introduced me to it and it’s earning potentials so I thought yep that sounds good I will give that a try. He had been doing pretty well with regular monthly revenues streaming in from the eBay affiliate network.

eBay Affiliate Network Application Process

For those of you not familiar with it take a minute to check out our post on eBay Affiliate Network Marketing

Applying is pretty straight forward, add your details, website, nature of business etc and submit and then wait for a response to tell you whether you have been accepted or not.

My example site: www.paistecymbals.co.uk

As a drummer I love Paiste Cymbals and wanted to use the power of the eBay Affiliate Network to promote Paiste cymbals, pretty clean site I knocked up in about 2 hours. It’s built in WordPress which is a favourite of mine and I got it indexed in 2 hours from the domain going live – “job’s a gud un” I thought.

Wasn’t spammy, had relevant content on there, at least 10 articles when I posted it (which has changed now)

I also installed statcounter so I could check what eBay looked at when they came to check out my site.

Within 24 hours eBay India had been on and looked at 4 pages for a total of 1 minute 50 seconds.

I was surprised when I received the following email:


Thank you for applying to the eBay Partner Network. We regret to inform you that we cannot accept your application at this time.

Like many other affiliate programs, eBay Partner Network has a thorough application vetting process to ensure a good fit between a potential affiliate and the goals of the network. There are a number of reasons why your eBay Partner Network application may have been declined. Some of these include:

  • You are not in compliance with the eBay Partner Network Agreement and/or Code of Conduct.
  • The stated website that you plan to promote us from is non-functioning or inaccessible
  • The quality of your stated website is not in line with our network standards
  • The information you submitted in your application (contact information and your description of how you plan to promote eBay Partner Network) is incomplete or unclear
  • Your business model or stated website does not appear to be one that would attract eBay buyers (the eBay Partner Network does not currently provide commissions for bringing eBay sellers or listings to the site)
  • Your business model involves re-directing traffic directly to eBay from display ad networks or paid search (no longer allowed per our Terms and Conditions)
  • Your business model involves a sub-affiliate model (no longer allowed per our Terms and Conditions)

If you feel that your application deserves a re-review, please provide any additional information that you would like us to reconsider. It is not necessary to submit an additional application with a different email address. Requests that contain no new information about your promotion methods will be reconsidered.


The eBay Partner Network Team

I quickly went over the pages that eBay had visited and all of their terms and changed anything that I thought could be affecting my eBay Affiliate account approval and re-submitted.

A little over 50 minutes later I got this response:

Thank you for applying to the eBay Partner Network.

We have re-evaluated your application. We regret to inform you that eBay Partner Network cannot accept your application at this time.

Our application review process is updated on an as needed basis and may differ among programs. For security reasons, we do not reveal our exact criteria for accepting affiliates into each program.

Based on the details you have provided, we did not find any substantial changes to your application; therefore, you cannot be accepted at this time.

If in the future, you have any substantial changes to your application, please use this link to provide additional information that you would like our Customer Support Team to reconsider. It is not necessary to submit an additional application with a different email address. Requests that contain new information about your promotion methods will be reconsidered.


The eBay Partner Network Team

I checked the pages visited again and this time they only looked at the home page for a total of 1 second or less.

“Let’s Just Be Friends…..”

A bit gutted that I had failed in getting approved to the eBay Affiliate Network I sat down and had a beer (it was 9pm by this point and had fully deserved it) It felt like when you like a girl and she doesn’t like you back and says ‘Let’s just be friends’

Getting Accepted on the eBay Affiliate Partner Network

So whilst having a beer I called my friend and told him my story and the next piece of advice he gave me was some of the best logic i’ve had in ages and literally saved the day.

He said: “You need to give them a site that looks informative and not just built to sell. I think eBay prefer blogs/sites that appear to be full of information and established.”

3rd time’s the charm!

So with that in mind I applied again but with another domain  I created this about a year ago spent 4 hours on it to create free on blog.wordpress.com and forwarded the domain. So I knew i’d better host it myself and get all the pages, posts and tags indexed before I applied again to the eBay affiliate network.

12 hours later, new site, new server and eBay called me to say I would have confirmation on my account in the next 5-7 days.

They didn’t do this before which I found odd so I asked the support agent at eBay, ‘Have I been accepted?’

She said: ‘I cannot give you that information but you should be fine.’

So fingers crossed I will be on my way to running a successful eBay affiliate campaign in the next few weeks.

I will let you know if and when I get approved and how the sites are doing for your own interest and hopefully it will help you to get accepted with the eBay affiliate network.

Tips on Getting Accepted to the eBay affiliate network

Once you’re accepted you can add any site you want so bare that in mind before you choose a site to apply.

  1. Apply with your most informative site
  2. Domain age appears to have a factor
  3. Avoid adding any content that appears to sell
  4. Have a beer – it helps!

If you have any questions on how to be accepted to the eBay Affiliate Network please feel free to leave a response and we will get back to you.

Good Luck!




What is the eBay Affiliate Network


About eBay

Founded in 1995, eBay connects a diverse and passionate community of individual buyers and sellers, as well as small businesses. eBay is the world’s largest online marketplace with over 95 million active users worldwide. Their collective impact on e-commerce is staggering: In 2010, the total worth of goods sold on eBay was $62 billion — more than $2,000 every second.

Earn money when you drive traffic to eBay

What do I get paid for?

All eBay programs payout their affiliates using the Quality Click Pricing (QCP) payout system. Affiliates will be paid for each click that is directed to an eBay site and the price paid per click will be dependent on the quality of the traffic delivered to eBay. The only exception to this will be publishers whose business model is loyalty or cash back who will be paid out on a Cost Per Action (CPA) model.
More information on Quality Click Pricing

How much will I get paid?

eBay Partner Network has some of the most generous affiliate commissions on the web. With Quality Click Pricing, the amount paid for each click varies depending on the quality of the traffic sent to eBay — the higher the quality of the traffic you drive, the more you earn per click. However, you may earn different amounts for each program, as each local site has a slightly different payment structure due to varying market conditions in each country.
More information on Quality Click Pricing

How do I get paid?

Getting paid is very straight forward on the eBay Partner Network. You will be paid monthly on around the 25th of each month (on holidays, payments are processed on the next business day following the 25th), in one of the 5 currencies we support: US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Australian Dollar or Canadian Dollars. We offer two methods of payment — you can choose either Direct Deposit (available in 11 countries) or Paypal. Both options are free and please note that for Paypal no premier/business account or cross border fee will apply.More Information.

Terms & Conditions

Before you sign up to become an eBay Partner Network affiliate, you will be asked to read and agree to our terms and conditions. Click here for further information.

How to advertise eBay on your site

Whatever your business model, eBay has an extensive range of tools available to help you improve your campaigns, ranging from simple creatives to putting eBay listings on your own site. To access these tools simply log in the eBay Partner Network and go to the Tools section.

As eBay Partner Network is a global program, some of eBay’s tools are geo-targeted, which means that we identify the location of a visitor to your site and redirect them to the most relevant page. For example, if a person from the UK visits your US site and clicks on your eBay Affiliate link, they will be redirected to ebay.co.uk, rather than ebay.com.
Learn more

Google Adsense


If you have a website that generates a decent amount of daily traffic then you could be missing out on your earning potential through Google Adsense.

What is Google Adsense?

Simply put it is a way of delivering pay per click ads on your website through the extended Google Ad Network.

Because you are helping Google and their customers to advertise their business/products/services you earn revenue on every ad clicked through from your website/blog.

Adsense Best Practices

I find having a niche website to prove better at getting those impressions converting in to click throughs.

For example if you have a directory that covers all UK towns then maybe you might consider inputing Google Adsense on to the content to show highly relevant local business Ads to your visitors.

Let’s try and example:

User searches ‘Plumber Leicester’ finds your web page and within the content, ideally at the top of the page content you’d present them with the Adsense ads for ‘Local Plumbers in Leicester’.

This way the user gets relevant ads that they are more likely to click on.