Google Search Console Error

Google Search Console Error


Hey folks if you’ve found this blog titled ‘Google search console error’ it’s a good chance you too are seeing errors in what used to be called Google Webmaster Tools.

I logged in to one of our accounts today to only be greeted with the error message ‘Hm. Something isn’t right. We’re checking into it now.’

Just proof Google does have off days and does break from time to time. Don’t worry it’s probably already fixed by now.

Wait a few hours and try again.


Google search console error

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What’s with all these SERP fluctuations in Google?

What’s with all these SERP fluctuations in Google?

Blog Google Algo Update SEO SERPS

With Penguin chatter still occurring daily on Twitter etc it seems a lot of webmasters and SEO’s are hanging their hopes on the next big Penguin refresh. We’ve even blogged several times when we’ve noticed significant movement or ranking fluctuations.

However I think something else is going on behind the scenes and Google HQ which may not be Google Penguin and something completely different which is why so many are reporting ranking fluctuations.

Lots of movement in Google SERPs

I’ve noticed over the last 2 months in particular that Google keeps showing incorrect results for UK searches in particular niches and also for certain locations.

Let me show you an example

For the search term ‘bi fold doors Perth‘ in you can clearly see now 7 out of 10 positions are sites

google showing incorrect country sites for

Does Google not understand GEO location any more?

Until recently Google has always been pretty spot on when it comes to understand your IP location and what you are searching for and presenting the most accurate results. So why now is Google getting confused with a location such as ‘Perth’ in Scotland and delivering Perth Australia?

Way back eons ago when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth (in 2103 really but it does feel a long time ago to me) Google released an update code named ‘Venice‘. The Venice also update was created to understand your GEO IP location and to tie this in with the results you required. This meant if you were in London and searched ‘Restaurants’ you would be served ‘Restaurants in London (UK)’. Perfect, Google is a magician, it can read my mind.

So how in 2016 when we have RankBrain and the most up to date search algorithms can Google get confused and serve up Australian websites in it’s UK search engine?

And it’s not just this occurrence either, I have found it in Cambridge, Basingstoke, Kingston (upon Thames) and others.

What does this have to do with a Google mystery update?

I’m not saying it’s directly related to this mystery update but it sure does fit in with the same time line that we started to see these glitches. The same with Google Places, we are seeing incorrect map data every week although the last 10-14 days has been a lot more stable than it has been in the past.

Here’s one idea why things are messed up

One idea is that RankBrain is learning and it will take it time to understand locations the way we humans do.

Dude you broke Google!

Another idea is that it’s just broken. Why not, Google breaks all the time. Really? Oh yeah! We reported earlier this year about Google reporting a catalogue of copyright entries after page 2 of the search results.

Another possible reason we are seeing rankings fluctuating

Google is texting out a new algorithm. I am seeing over the past 3 weeks a lot of sites using high numbers of inbound links via SAPE and PBN’s ranking a lot higher. This goes for ‘IT Support London’ if you look at this site which came from nowhere HTL.London and from March to the present has acquired over 13,000 back links in a very unnatural way.

example of PBN Sape Links

How are they ranking without getting a penalty?

Look at their anchor text ratio?

links anchor text ratio

You can see their anchor text is all over the place. No mention of ‘IT Support’ but have some very ‘interesting’ shall we say link anchors coming in to the site. So maybe by using this approach they are able to get better organic rankings without getting penalised for search terms they are targeting.

Has Google uprated the importance of inbound links as apposed to referring domains?

This is one thing I’m definitely seeing more of in the spam world. Sites with huge number of inbound links but far less of new referring domains outranking sites that have great relevant content and authoritative links.

It’s impossible to say for sure what the reasons are but I’m pretty sure it ain’t penguin as this goes against everything Penguin is about. My best guess is Google are testing something new out or it’s rank brain. It doesn’t seem to effect every niche and with rankings across the board fluctuating so much daily all signs point to testing. Or it’s dataset merging but I’m not sure its that either.



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How to remove a fake Google Places Review

How to remove a fake Google Places Review

Google Places

You work hard to market your business online, blood sweat and tears no doubt then some dirty little urchin writes a negative review on Google Places (Google+) about your business and you feel lost and don’t know what action to take.

Here I am going to share with you how you can potentially have negative reviews especially fake ones removed.

First of all let’s look at a popular blog our sister site published some years ago about removing fake google places reviews.

Since that blog gets a lot of traffic and we get enquiries daily I have decided to write a new blog which covers the latest ways to hopefully get negative reviews removed from Google Places.

However that link we posted no longer works as it used to and i’m not sure it will be dealt with by Google for this matter.

This is how you remove unwanted Google Places reviews

I want to start by saying this is not guaranteed to work but is your best chance at getting a fake/false review taken down.

5 Step Process to Requesting Google to Remove Reviews

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Contact Us’
  3. Select ‘Photos, reviews, or business summaries’
  4. Click on ‘Inappropriate reviews’
  5. Select ‘Email’ and fill out the form. I recommend selecting the option to have someone call you back so you can talk through why you consider the review to be inappropriate.

Hopefully if you have backed up your reason why the review should be taken down such as ‘business not yet trading’ ‘no records of any customer under this name’ ‘we are taking legal action regarding this individual who is posting false reviews’ – then you have a good chance it will be removed.

Now we’ve shared that with you if you would be so kind as to spread the word and share on your websites/blogs/social media with a mention of our blog. Dont forget to follow us on twitter @seotwentyone

Peace & Love x

Tom Peary is the director of SEO21 Ltd. Offering SEO, Website Design, Digital Marketing, Google Places Optimisation, Guest Blogging, Copywriting and Link Building Services.

Is Google already rolling out or testing it’s penguin update?

Is Google already rolling out or testing it’s penguin update?

Google Penguin

I’m sure we are all sick of reading about the pending Google Penguin 4.0 update but it’s something that many people are still discussing and wanting to know more.

We’ve covered many blogs about Google Penguin:

We’ve also covered SERP fluctuations in the UK over the last few months and strange results showing up then disappearing but what we all really want to know is when is Google going to release the new (improved?) Penguin update which is said to be an ongoing part of the core algorithm.

Why Google Might Have Already started to roll out the latest Penguin update and not told us?

I have a theory well it’s more of a speculation but it may be possible that Google has been testing the new penguin algorithm for months now and just kept it a secret.

Prove it!

Ok well until Google say’s ‘penguin is live’ then we can’t officially prove it but here’s some interesting information that might make you think otherwise and Penguin is slowing being rolled out or tested.

  1. Many site owners, SEOs and webmasters all reporting massive ranking fluctuations since January.
  2. We have seen websites previously hit by Penguin recover in the last 6-8 weeks. we are talking about sites not on page 1 to top of page 1 overnight. These sites are not currently doing any SEO or link building and seem to have just recovered of their own accord.
  3. Seeing weird stuff in the search results. Now I know this is far from evidence of Penguin but we’ve seen before that just before an algorithm or core update takes place we see weird data merging and bizarre features in Google search results. These usually do not last very long, from a few hours to a few days. But it’s another clue that Google might be making some pretty big changes. This always happens with Google Places in fact. When a significant change happens to Google Places such as the removal of star ratings, colour changes to the layout, 7 packs to 3 pack we always see oddities in data such as wrong cities or country results in Google Places.

Why would Google keep it quiet about rolling out it’s next major Penguin update?

They might well not be but think about it this way does your business leak all of its information publicly before everything has been tested?

Would you release a product that has not been finished?

No! Neither would I and maybe that’s one reason why all these strange goings on in search are penguin related. Just maybe Google is testing to see how it affects search for the good and bad before it announces to the world the next version of the Penguin algorithm has been released.

I would bet money that when we do hear that announcement Penguin 4.0 is live that in fact they’ve been testing it for months before announcing it’s ready.

Google Penguin 4.0 isn’t just another update it’s a lot bigger than that.

The difference we are expecting from the Penguin 4.0 update is that it will work on real-time basis. It doesn’t necessarily mean you get a bad or good link from a site on Monday morning and at 9:01 you get a penalty or ranking improvement. From how we understand Penguin 4.0 to work it will crawl a site check the outbound links to your site then make an alteration to your organic search positioning depending on the quality and legitimacy of the link.

i’m not saying Penguin 4.0 is definitely here but I think it could be very likely it’s already being tested live and will be released/announced very soon.

Tom Peary is the director of SEO21 Ltd. Offering SEO, Website Design, Digital Marketing, Google Places Optimisation, Guest Blogging, Copywriting and Link Building Services.

Google Testing 9 Organic Positions on Page 1

Google Testing 9 Organic Positions on Page 1

Blog Google Algo Update SEO

Over the last 2 weeks we’ve been noticing 9 organic results for page 1 instead of the usual 10. This doesnt seem to show up on any other pages.

On the 10th Feb we blogged about an error in search showing a list of catalogue copyright entry queries

I’m not saying this is at all related but it is odd to say the least.

Google search results showing 9 not 10 listings

Could be just some testing they are doing or it could be related to the new layout of the Adwords results with 4 positions at the top.

We will let you know more if we see anything else.


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Is Google Broken? Google showing catalog of copyright entries

Is Google Broken? Google showing catalog of copyright entries

Blog SEO

Something odd happening today in search when i click next page I’m seeing strange results and all other pages are not showing.

is google broken

Sometimes it’s page 5,6,7,8 etc sometimes its page 2 of the Google search results.


google showing book results


I have reached out to @methode on Twitter but didn’t get much more of a response than ‘define strange‘.

Anyone else seeing these odd results?

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Tom Peary is the director of SEO21 Ltd. Offering SEO, Website Design, Digital Marketing, Google Places Optimisation, Guest Blogging, Copywriting and Link Building Services.

All calm on the Mozcast today

All calm on the Mozcast today

Blog Google Algo Update SEO

After our last blog which we report some very strange goings on in search Mozcast today is showing much less turbulence.

So why has their been so many fluctuations in SERPS in January?

Although not confirmed it’s most likely down to either some testing or those core algorithm updates that rolled out earlier in the month in the US. Quite often will see roll outs of it’s core algorithm after

Gary Illyes at Google replies but doesn’t confirm anything

Merging Datasets in Google search

The easiest way to explain it is imagine you have 2 computers all with some data syncing software like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Google Dataset Merging Explained Simply

You upload your favourite pictures from your smartphone, or music but the data is massive thousands of Gigabytes or known as Terabytes. It’s going to take time for both machines to replicate all this data. So whilst you search on your computer for your favourite song you can’t always see it straight away.

Same goes with Google and its algorithm updates, it just takes time to roll out the data merge. So we sometimes see strange results that fluctuate.

Things seemed to have settled down now and things were as they were.

But if you’re seeing inconsistent results let us know so we can share it.

Tom Peary is the director of SEO21 Ltd. Offering SEO, Website Design, Digital Marketing, Google Places Optimisation, Guest Blogging, Copywriting and Link Building Services.

Massive Ranking Fluctuations in

Massive Ranking Fluctuations in

Blog Google Algo Update Google Penguin

We didn’t see much going on over December, well in the scale that everyone in the US was reporting on Twitter for volatile ranking changes. But this week has been a brain melter for SERPs in

Huge fluctuations in this week

  • We’ve seen everything from websites taking 7 of the first page results.
  •, .ca websites being displayed in
  • Hourly ranking fluctuations by as many as 5 positions

Why are my website rankings fluctuating so much?

The truth is no one really knows but those at Google HQ. But if I were to have a stab in the dark i’d say it’s the 3 core algorithmic updates the US saw a few weeks back finally rolling out in the UK.

Could Google Penguin rolling out in the UK?

Sure! But I don’t think it is. It’s too random, we’re not seeing consistent results in some cases it’s just plain weird. We always tell clients that during an Algo update that things can get a bit crazy and it’s kind of normal now to see some dancing in the SERPs. But they usually settle down after a few days or a week in most cases. At one point i saw virtually no .co.yuk websites for a localised search at all and even saw retailers like – and believe me there is no reason for that search i did to show Argos.

Yes! I deleted my cache and web history and wasn’t signed in to Google either.

Why I don’t think it is Google penguin rolling out or being tested

The reason I’m less likely to believe it’s Google penguin is because some of the sites shouldn’t have even shown.

I also tweeted Barry Schwartz who said he wasn’t seeing any chatter.

I guess only time will tell if it’s permanent or maybe Google is just having a melt down because someone spilled coffee on a server somewhere 😉

Check out Mozcast for the Google weather forecast


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Knowing when to stop link building

Knowing when to stop link building

Blog News SEO Website Optimization

Due to the amount of questions we get from people who email or phone us about Google Penalties and problems with poor or spammy link building from their current SEO company we thought we’d put a blog together which will hopefully answer all these questions.

So first up if your SEO isn’t working and your rankings aren’t improving when do you say STOP!

  1. If your SEO isn’t providing you with details and data of the work they are supposed to be carrying out then it’s time to ask the question what are you actually doing for me?
  2. Rankings doing down not up
  3. Strange looking back links. This means from non-contextual sites, poor quality content, keyword rich anchor text overuse or abuse.
  4. Too long with no real results. SEO doesn’t guarantee results in fact the biggest variable is the site and the people working on it. But if after 6-12 months you’re not really seeing results then we suggest speaking to your SEO expert and finding out what’s going on and when you can expect to see some movement in the right direction.
  5. ROI ‘It just ain’t happening’ – If you’re spending more than you are making as a business and you’ve been plowing hundreds if not thousands of pounds per month for a considerable amount of time and you’re not seeing signs of a return on investment then it may be time to evaluate your campaign. Like I said before SEO isn’t an easy win overnight success it takes time and skill to achieve organic results. But 1-2 years and no movement or nothing to shout about then you should be talking to the people responsible and finding out why.

Adding the wrong kind of back links

Let’s talk about back links and how they should be used in your SEO campaign and the types of links you should try and avoid adding.

Web 2.0 Back Link Building

Some believe web 2.0 links should be used to promote and build brand link references where as we suggest you just avoid them altogether. It’s better to play it safe than risking your site to a penalty for too many low quality or building links to just improve rankings from a single source or link type.

Don’t build links on Web 2.0 with keyword rich anchor text you’re just asking for trouble with manual site penalties from Google.

Forum Profile Link Building

At one point forum profile links used to be a main source for SEO’s to acquire back links from high quality and trusted domains.

Then Google mass penalised many websites for overusing this method and pushing anchor text overuse as well. There are still some great sites such as where you can create a profile link, sometimes you even get a DO FOLLOW link which is great right? BUT! Don’t use anything than your Brand or Naked URL or Name.

Our advice is just avoid using forum profile links as your source of link building.

SAPE Link Networks

Oh dear where to start with this one. SAPE if you are not familiar with this terminology is simply a load of robot built websites on a huge list of domains. Usually have spun poor quality content and are owned by a single individual. Originating from a Russian network where you pay for a link on site for very little. It is easy to acquire thousands and thousands of back links very quickly for not a lot of money. I recently saw a company in the UK bragging that their SEO had acquired rankings using SAPE links and when I checked in you can see the amount of link abuse going on. I think this kind of link building should just be instantly penalised by any site knowing to build SAPE links to manipulate organic rankings.

This obviously isn’t a complete list of types of link building techniques used but they are some of the worse in our opinion.

For more information contact SEO21 today!

Tom Peary is the director of SEO21 Ltd. Offering SEO, Website Design, Digital Marketing, Google Places Optimisation, Guest Blogging, Copywriting and Link Building Services.