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Looks like penguin 3.0/3.1 has finally refreshed


We’ve blogged about it already this week and after seeing the jumping frog craziness of  this week it looks like at 10.30pm December 4th 2014 Google has finally rolled out its latest penguin refresh.

We are seeing massive positive surges in rankings for sites previously affected and even sites that weren’t, are improving.

Was this the full penguin 3.0  update we all expected to see way back in October? Or is this just a continued roll out? Who knows right now but you heard it here first folks.

We’ve decided to rename this update

Jumping Frog.













Is Google Penguin 3.1 here?


Overall we didn’t notice many positive or negative changes in Penguin 3.0 update on the 17th October, for a major update we’d all been waiting for I couldn’t help think is that it?Like many SEO’s we do a lot of link auditing for clients that come to us with penalties already, as long as there is SEO there will be the need to help correct poor quality work too.

Google sure do love to give during the holidays

Easter & Thanks Giving have both been times when Google have cared enough to share a cuddly creature for us all (ain’t that nice?) But when I heard via Bartosz on his blog (nice chap by the way I called him today and had a bit of a chat) that he thought Penguin 3.1 was rolling out or so he believed , I wasn’t all that surprised. I checked all our sites and client sites but sadly nothing….or so it seemed.

Why did we expect a Penguin refresh so soon after 3.0?

The reason I was expected to see an update around this time was because of the Easter bank holiday update, yes a nice chocolate egg laid by Google that hurt so many users sites out there and because of John Muller ‘s comments on ‘more regular updates’ could be expected. Great for those who’ve been hit and work hard to recover.

I’ll be honest I was disappointed to see no changes it sites we’ve been trying to correct and get on the right path but then I reminded myself, the UK saw Penguin 3.0 roll out first so maybe the it was our Stateside friends turn to receive first. After all it was thanksgiving.

Monday 1st December Penguin 3.1 hits the UK

Early Monday morning on December 1st 2014 I couldn’t resist and started to check sites, immediately saw BIG things happening and sites showing up in the top 5 positions for the majority of their searches. GREAT!

I am sure i am not the only one who does this but i was immediately obsessed with checking positions and although a few fluctuations probably more likely down to which server was been accessed to pull results, all was looking good.

One health site in particular which we had been working on for a good 9 months if not more hadn’t seen any positive or negative changes when Penguin 3.0 rolled out but as if by magic it’s #1 for it’s most important search term.

Fluctuations in rankings after Penguin roll out

The only time i noticed something a little odd was when I was out of the office and I searched again and saw something completely different, almost every time I searched the same thing i was presented with different results. I cleared my cache, changed browsers, everything you can do even change location of my position. I put it down to server location again and waited till i was back home. Bingo! Search results still presenting as they did on Monday morning across all devices.

After going back to the office and repeating the same thing across Monday and Tuesday all looked well, apart from the occasional search where something random appeared or something I wasn’t quite expecting.

Data correlation in search results

From what I can see there are 3 ways of the results showing currently over the last 3 days after the 3.1 Penguin roll out.

  1. Pre 3.1 update
  2. Post 3.1 update
  3. Mix bag of frogs (only happens when i choose certain cities or locations to search or access data from and not conclusive.)

Mixed bag of frogs refresh

I think it’s worth mentioning my mobile device is not longer showing the mix bag of frogs results as it was Monday. So if we go off the same assumption that this mixed bag of frogs result is probably just some missing data or incomplete data for the algo update that hasn’t gone through yet. Or at least i am hoping that.

That’s all for now but we’d love to hear your findings and how you’re seeing data

How many back links before you hurt your site?


The one thing being discussed in the SEO world it seems continually is back links and the best ways to use them without getting any penalties.

So let’s ask the obvious question

How many links to add each month?

How many back links is the right number before positive increases in rankings becomes a negative result? Well we are currently testing this theory as we believe there isn’t an actual number but in fact it varies for each site.

How many back links have been added per month, check out and see how many inbound back links have been added over any given time. Too many could flag potential issues.

We’ll have some more data on this very soon…..


Blog SEO

In the news today we see one of the largest public attacks on Google from failing search engine Bing. Although Bing is a great search engine it’s always going to be difficult for Microsoft to take on the search engine giant. But their recent public slag off that Google Shopping has been corrupted by paid for results is a pretty big one.

Scroogled or not by Google Shopping?

In the beginning, Google preached, “Don’t be evil“—but that changed on May 31, 2012. That’s when Google Shopping announced a new initiative. Simply put, all of their shopping results are now paid ads.

In their under-the-radar announcement, Google admits they’ve now built “a purely commercial model” that delivers listings ranked by “bid price.” Google Shopping is nothing more than a list of targeted ads that unsuspecting customers assume are search results. They call these “Product Listing Ads” a “truly great search.”

We say that when you limit choices and rank them by payment, consumers get Scroogled. For an honest search.

The truth about Scroogle and Google Shopping paid ads

Yes Google announced in May 2012 that U.S shopping feeds would not be shown within the search results unless you paid for it. That was always going to happen, I don’t think it’s a good thing for the user but for Google, hell wouldn’t you? I prefer the old way it was organic, and honest results. If I wanted to get you to find my diet drug I could now simply pay for it to appear in any low grate, low competitive category for $100 per month. So there are some pretty obvious downsides and things that should be monitored to prevent this kind of misuse.

But this new paid for ad ruling is only in the U.S

Free Google Shopping listings in the U.K

We have thousands of live product items that we optimize our clients for, who are appearing on the first page right now. We can’t disclose this on our blog but if you get in touch we’ll give you more details and live examples.

Media Spin

The media has put a completely onesided spin on this story, it’s not always as black and white as you think.

After thought

I do feel this new direction Google have taken will continue to manifest in to other areas and countries. Whether it works or not is another thing, and whether they keep to this new format well, only time will tell.

For UK businesses wanting to monetize from Google Shopping, what are you waiting for? Do it before you have to pay per click.

Approved SEO


If I can pass on just one piece of advice to anyone looking to find an approved SEO company is this.

Ask for recent evidence of their work.

You ideally want to see searches of a competitive nature and or if possible within the same industry sector as yours.

1.) Can you speak to your account manager on a daily basis?

2.) Is your account manager an SEO expert or just a salesperson?

3,)Ask for explanations in English, cut off the geek talk.

Google Approved SEO

Actually there is no such thing really. Google don’t promote any SEO companies but they do offer simple guidelines for SEO’s to follow. Now this is where we do come in to ‘Google Approved SEO’. We don’t bend the rules, no grey areas as far as we are concerned. If it can’t be done ethically and through whitehat SEO techniques then we aren’t interested. But we’ve never missed a deadline or failed to hit a first page result in 8 years. You can talk all the bull you want in this industry but when the chips are down it’s purely who can deliver real results.

We’re not the only UK SEO you’ll come across who can deliver amazing results on Google organic search, but pound for pound you won’t find any that come close. Our closest competitor has over 100 employees in London and a huge turnover. Yet week on week we compete with their clients results. The difference with us is that we’re a small SEO firm, but we’re bad ass at it. No huge overheads, we’re based in Newcastle where it’s 1972 compared to London rates. Only last week I paid for a computer with coal ;-)

If you are looking for a fast and effective way to double and triple your business then contact Tom and SEO 21 now.” – Mike Squirrell no more say hello to Hibu?

Blog SEO

Okay so we’re not the biggest fans of ageing dinosaurs such as who’s exorbitant prices to feature somewhere that no one looks for a postage stamp sized add on the back end of a search facility that takes more time to use than reading this introduction….

Ahh and breathe!

So I heard this week that is no more and they are re-branding to Hibu, WOW! I am no branding specialist but as far as names go this isn’t exactly pretty is it. Wasn’t Hibu the name of Aladdin’s monkey? Not sure about that one anyway.

“They think it’s all over – it is now!”

Whether you love Yell or not I think this is a pretty important moment in local marketing history.

It’s the moment that old school directories that boasted huge profits for years and years before the internet boom  finally admit it’s over.

I am really more surprised they’ve left it so long. Ifg they’d adapted to Search Engine Marketing years ago and not just waiting until there was no other option it would look more credible.

So no doubt many of you will be pestered by the minions of this fresh face new kid on the block, armed to the teeth with buzz words to juice you up in to buying more stuff that doesn’t work.

Unlimited Website Hosting £5 p/m

Blog SEO

If our recent posts about making sure your website is hosted securely and running fast enough hasn’t been the wake up call you need then hopefully this will be.

Website Hosting Comparisons

1&1 Business £9.99 p/m

  • Webspace: Unlimited
  • Monthly Traffic Allowance: Unlimited
  • Platform: Linux
  • Email accounts: Unlimited
  • MySQL Databases: Unlimited
  • Dedicated SSL Certificate: Included

SEO21 Unlimited £5.80 p/m

  • Webspace: Unlimited
  • Monthly Traffic Allowance: Unlimited
  • Platform: Linux
  • Email accounts: Unlimited
  • MySQL Databases: Unlimited
  • Dedicated SSL Certificate: Included
Not only are we almost 50% cheaper than 1&1 – we monitor our server traffic, loads and have staff onsite to maintain and repair at all times.

How does reliable website hosting help my SEO results

If your foundations aren’t solid then your search engine rankings are likely going to follow the same trend. Google more than ever wants to see people taking more ownership and responsibility for where they host they website/blog. If your site has been down mor than twice in a month and Google bot has crawled your site at that time then you might start to see your rankings suffer. We did a post on this recently see ‘Is my website hosting secure?

Is your website hosting secure?

Blog SEO

You may be all over your SEO in terms of quality link building etc but is your hosting looking after your reputation?

A lot of webmasters have reported their sites having been attacked and injected with malware, this is a bigger problem than one might initially thing. Not only because you are putting any user at risk who views your website. But even more importantly your reputation and rankings with Google.

A recent example of this was when a good client of ours had their site attacked. Through no fault of their own and in fact just bad luck. An old version of wordpress which had a vulnerability allowed the hacker to add some malicious script in to the .htaccess file. This then ran commands to create links within pages and even allow them to create hidden folders.

First signs that your site is being penalised for malware

Have your rankings recently dropped, even though you know it’s not down to dodgy back link building?

Then the obvious signs your site has been infected with Malware

‘This site may harm your computer’ – is a pretty clear sign that your site is infected. This by the way is what your site users will see if they try and view your website content.

Eventually if this is not fixed your pages will be removed from the index, after dropping off the top 100 results.

So if it’s not Google Penguin up to his old tricks, then maybe it’s your website hosting that’s letting you down.

More and more research is showing us that reliable hosting plays a big part in SEO success.

One of our Ebay Partner Network sites recently had a fault with a WP plugin we added (we’ve all been there) – Google saw this happen 3 times in 30 days and all of a sudden didn’t want to show us in the results as it had been for 18 months.

So again the simple logic applies: Fix, Optimize for performance and update sitemap in webmaster tools.

Bot crawls will return to as they once were very quickly, just a week or two depending on your domain authority and rankings will get back to normal.

I don’t think enough importance is put on reliable, fast, secure website hosting. But think about it, it’s the foundation of your website, SEO, everything. If that’s a bit rocky and unreliable then why should anyone (namely the Google gods) present you to it’s users as a priority?