It’s like the dentist might say ‘you can’t make up for neglect in 5 minutes’

It’s like the dentist might say ‘you can’t make up for neglect in 5 minutes’

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Ok so I have never heard my or any other dentist to say that for that matter. But I think the point i was reaching for is very true.

I see a lot of SEO’s and websites neglecting one of the most important factors to successfully marketing their business online.

It’s content that defines us

Be like water – constant and clear!

Selling your business is equally as important as just ‘tricking’ Google in to loving you. Google doesn’t like a cheat, although she’s been had before this old gal is getting wise and wants unique, fresh content. You’ll only pay the piper in the long run. (Oops that’s almost a line from Led Zeppelin’s – ‘Stairway to Heaven‘)

If you can sell to your customer then the chances are you’re selling yourself to Google and your site will be rewarded.

If you use a brilliant copywriter, and i do mean brilliant like we do then you’ll know that in a very short space of time you’ll see the change in how your business works online. The number of referrals is likely to increase, sales to improve and repeat business will also be better.

Our copywriting team is headed by one particular individual who really understands the brief every time. Understands why I need copy to work in such a way and most importantly how to deliver blinding copy, that is fresh, does make me want to read more and ultimately sells the service or product in question.



Google+ vs Facebook Likes and Twitter Tweets


Although that title just sounds like a really bad YouTube video for social media nerds it’s actually a question that needs asking.

If you read my recent post abouthow does Google+ help SEO and have been following our updates,
then the next obvious question is how does Facebook ‘likes’ and Twitter ‘tweets’ factor in our organic rankings?

Is Google+ automatically going to have a better result on our SEO over the other obvious social media outlets?

You would imagine so but without hard evidence it’s too early to comment.

I certainly don’t believe in making any bold outrageous claims without seeing it first so that’s what I am going to do.
I am going to create 3 similar posts and run them against each other.

1st post pushing Google+1s
2nd post pushing Facebook ‘likes’
3rd post pushing ‘Tweets’

Should be very interesting

Does Google+ help SEO?

Does Google+ help SEO?


The aim of this post is to see how much of a difference to the SEO of a page ranking with Google+ posts and shares make a difference.

Where to begin with your Google+ post?

How much impact does Google+ have on our SEO?

How much impact does Google+ have on our SEO?

I have started out by using a reliable keyword tool such as and finding a reasonable search phrase that gets at least some decent traffic. I am not looking for thousands of searches per month to begin with just a relevant long tail phrase we can target our on and off page optimization techniques with.

I decided to go for ‘Does Google+ help SEO?’ which I used as the page title and URL. As wordpress does not allow syntax in the URL I opted for ‘plus’ instead of ‘+’

this should also help cover both ways of searching too.

We are also using a reliable social share plugin to allow users to easily share or in this case ‘+1′ our dedicated blog post on related to Google+ and SEO rankings.

Next up we write some useful non-spammy content relating to the subject in question (which you are reading right now) – no i am not going to try and get in the title again, that would be a little tacky ;-) hmmmm but it might help….no i will resist.

Ranking Results from Google+ shares

I avoid the obvious SEO forums like the plague, it’s not for me to be honest. But I am interested on how Google Plus and more importantly Google+ shares can help a website rank better. I have heard a lot of SEO’s talking about this but I am yet to see conclusive data that it in fact plays such a major role in our organic rankings.

Google product + Google+ = Improved Rankings?

So let’s see if this all works then. The post is live we are going to encourage fellow Google+ users to share this and we will report back with hard data which will either show a positive increase in rankings or not.

My first thoughts are that yes of course it will help our organic rankings, after all Social is only going to prove to be more and more important in SEO but what I want to really find out is, at this moment in time having more +1′s to a page or post on your website will it improve the rankings significantly, and are Google +1′s more effective than traditional link building?

I don’t believe they are right now and I will be doing more tests on this soon.

Let’s see what happens…but in the meantime i’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

Ranking Update Friday 14th February 14:32

As of 14:32 GMT this post is ranking page 5 position 6 with 10 Google+1 shares and no back links (as yet)

google+ ranking shares update

How many back links before you hurt your site?


The one thing being discussed in the SEO world it seems continually is back links and the best ways to use them without getting any penalties.

So let’s ask the obvious question

How many links to add each month?

How many back links is the right number before positive increases in rankings becomes a negative result? Well we are currently testing this theory as we believe there isn’t an actual number but in fact it varies for each site.

How many back links have been added per month, check out and see how many inbound back links have been added over any given time. Too many could flag potential issues.

We’ll have some more data on this very soon…..

Google Penguin Reconsideration Success


Google Penguin Reconsideration Recovery Success

I love it when a plan comes together……

We were approached by a company last May who’d been hit by the Google Penguin update after their SEO expert had done some questionable link building.

Well after almost 10 months of applying to each offending site to remove the back links and cleaning up the on page content and 4 reconsideration requests today we received an email from Google with the good news.

I didn’t think responses happened as our last reconsideration request was submitted at the beginning of December.

But here it is:

Reconsideration request for http://www.********.com/: Manual spam action revoked

Dear site owner or webmaster of http://www.******.com/,

We received a request from a site owner to reconsider http://www.******.com/ for compliance with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Previously the webspam team had taken manual action on your site because we believed it violated our quality guidelines. After reviewing your reconsideration request, we have revoked this manual action. It may take some time before our indexing and ranking systems are updated to reflect the new status of your site.

Of course, there may be other issues with your site that could affect its ranking without a manual action by the webspam team. Google’s computers determine the order of our search results using a series of formulas known as algorithms. We make hundreds of changes to our search algorithms each year, and we employ more than 200 different signals when ranking pages. As our algorithms change and as the web (including your site) changes, some fluctuation in ranking can happen as we make updates to present the best results to our users. If your site continues to have trouble in our search results, please see this article for help with diagnosing the issue.

Thank you for helping us to maintain the quality of our search results.


Google Search Quality Team