Google Analytics not tracking all conversions?

Google Analytics not tracking all conversions?

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Over the past 2-3 months we’ve seen a rise in Google analytics questions from customers and site visitors. It seemed to happen around the time of the GDPR update (could be a coincidence).

So we thought we’d do a quick post about it in case you are also having problems with being able to track all sales conversions from either Adwords/organic to your Analytics account.

So what are the commonly reported problems for Analytics not tracking all conversions?

Out of about 5 different sites we’ve analysed they all shared one commonality, about 40% of their conversions are NOT being tracked. They not all running on the same platform 2 were Magento *which has reported issues 2 were WordPress and the last one was a custom site.

What to look out for if you don’t think you’re seeing all conversions in Analytics

  1. Check adwords conversions do the number of conversions reported in Adwords over a chosen date rate match up with what your Analytics is reporting?
  2. Have your sales/enquiries dropped based on your internal reporting data?

Things you can do to fix your Google Analytics conversions tracking

  1. Make sure your tracking code for GA is still active and correct on your site
  2. Install the free Chrome extension for checking Google tags on your site
  3. Check your site for multiple end pages. For example make sure you don’t have more than one success page
  4. Reinstall the code from fresh
  5. Make sure your GA account is linked to your Adwords account

I have done all that but it’s still not tracking all conversions what do I do next?

Well you could call Google support like we did for 5 days and spend 7 hours going over the issues but….If it’s anything like our experience after exhausting all avenues the support specialist said there was no more they could do to assist and have a good day! GREAT!

If you think your Google Analytics is not tracking all conversions reach out to us and we will see what we can do for you.

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Google Places Listings Not Showing

Google Places Listings Not Showing

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Anyone noticed anything strange about the local results today? We noticed whilst during our daily checks that for some locations and search terms that there are no local listings showing.

It’s not effecting every search term or locality yet but certainly enough to post about. Could be just a glitch with Google making some changes.

It’s very unlikely they will be dropped altogether.

But as I write this I see more and more search terms with no local results.

I am sure a lot of people are going to be wondering what the hell is going on, but we will probably find out soon enough.

My guess is a layout change to the local listings is coming. It’s probably related to this update

Products Not Showing in Google Shopping Results?

Products Not Showing in Google Shopping Results?

Blog SEO

We’ve been getting asked a lot of questions from users about why their products aren’t showing in the Google shopping results so we thought we’d try and cover it in this blog to hopefully help you.

So you created your Google adwords account, created your XML shopping feed but can’t seem to get your products found in the shopping results, don’t you just hate it when that happens.

5 Common mistakes made when trying to list your products on Google shopping results

1.) It’s all about having the highest bid for my products – WRONG! It doesn’t work this way if you know what you are doing. We have literally halved customers product item bids and pushed their products to position 1 to 4. 

2.) I uploaded my entire range of 10,000 products and put on a £20/$20 per day adwords campaign budget to run your shopping feed. – It’s ok we got this one! One of the most common mistakes we see if users who have a large quantity of products they want to rank for but don’t have the budget to accommodate it. Tip: if you have budget constraints just show fewer products, ones you think are more likely to sell until you get going.

3.) I wanted to show for a particular product search so I added it to my text ad keyword list. This doesnt work. In theory this should work but it doesn’t. Google makes you work a bit harder with the shopping results. Text ads and shopping ads are not related.

4.) My shopping campaign isn’t working so I scrapped it and set up a new adwords account. We’ve not found a good reason to ever do this. Even with account suspensions there is no reason one account should rank products better than another. If you’re frustrated reach out to us but don’t go closing your account its just work work and it won’t solve any issues you’re having.

5.) My products aren’t showing because I am more expensive than others. Price is irrelevant unless the user changes their results to sort by price.

Text ads versus shopping results why isn’t your business using it yet?

I honestly can’t believe more businesses aren’t taking advantage of the shopping results. They’re simply one of the best ways to flog your stock. I remember years back working for clients and it was free. We used to save them tens of thousands of pounds per month just by listing products in the shopping results. But even now it’s not free you can still see a higher return on investment with Google shopping results than a text ad and we can get you free clicks from Google shopping search results.

For more information on how to get your products showing the shopping results get in touch.

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Was a Google Dataset error responsible for ranking fluctuations?

Was a Google Dataset error responsible for ranking fluctuations?

Blog Google Algo Update

Last year (sounds strange writing that already) on the 20th December we blogged about a potential Google Penguin roll back. We had noticed some chatter on Twitter and the webmaster forums which Barry Schwartz highlighted from around the 15th December in the US.

Some site owners and SEO’s were reporting their organic rankings rolling back to as they were pre-penguin 4.0 roll out. 

Whenever we see this type of chatter we always keep and eye out for what it may bring in result as the US usually sees this stuff just before we do.

Anyway in summary we suggested that this was probably a dataset issue and would resolve itself. The last time this happened which was around the 10th October saw very similar fluctuations

Was it a Penguin Roll Back?

As we suspected no it doesn’t look that way. Last week we started to notice results settling down, no additional link building, no on page changes they just fixed themselves.

So what is a dataset error and why does it cause my rankings to fluctuate so wildly?

Okay so first thing i’m going to say is this is purely my own personal thoughts and Google as far as I am aware have never said anything about dataset issues. But coming from a career originally in IT I am familiar with how databases and systems work especially when making updates to software.

So let my try and give you my understanding of Google dataset errors:

You have a server which has to communicate with many different workstations and devices on its network.

Quickly your server becomes overloaded so you need more servers, you upgrade from a single server to a cluster of servers also known as a datacenter. Your server is running great and your devices are able to GET all the data and information they need held on your servers (datacenter)

But one day you decide that your email software needs updating and there are some security patches that need to be installed, but before you can do this server #1 lets say fails, and the rest of the network is hit with a DDOS attack and your entire network goes down. All hard drives fail except one redundant NAS, data is corrupted from that day. Fortunately you’ve preempted this and have a cloud server backing everything up at 11:59pm the previous day. 

Now you have to rebuild your network and get them back online so your business can operate.

Servers (datacenter) back up and running but Billy in human resources can’t find his emails from 7pm onwards. What happened to the data from after the last backup happened?

Well fortunately the cloud has everything backed up and it’s just a case of downloading the backup and migrating throughout your server network. The servers feed the desktop and mobile devices but there’s a lot of them so it takes a day or two.

This is a dataset error. Data missing from the last know update/backup.

Another simplified way to think of it is your PC dies and you have to system restore, the last data you had was from 2 weeks ago. You have to use the cloud or external drive back ups to roll back the last known data, but again it takes time to update (due to the size of the data payload)

Okay making sense so far?

Now lets take the first example of 1 datacentre and 7 servers to thousands and thousands of servers globally. This now takes it from a few terabytes of data on a small network to what is believed to be 320PB of data to handle the current amount of data stored on Google’s network.

What is a PB or Petabyte?

86MB * 4 (for profiles) * 1,000,000,000 = 320PB

To store all this data YouTube needs to have as of today at least 320PB of storage. From that we can estimate that they have roughly around 400PB in storage currently allocated for storing YouTube videos.

A petabyte (PB) is 1015 bytes of data, 1,000 terabytes (TB) or 1,000,000 gigabytes (GB).

DAMN! That blows your mind doesn’t it?

So next time we see dataset errors in Google’s data it could be something as simple as Google changing a font or colour on its search facility that means last known backed up data is shown until the most latest search algorithm data is transferred across.

This also explains why most of the time these dataset glitches only last for 2-3 weeks.

Google Algo updates we know happened around 15th December 2016

Google Holocaust update

For anyone who missed this, apparently it was reported that there was a problem with data for results being pulled for anyone search ‘did the holocaust happen?’. The answer apparently was no and in fact Hitler didn’t do any of these things according to the organic search results.

Thankfully common sense at Google HQ prevailed and this was updated in the search data to show the truth and history we all know.

Google mobile first algo update being tested


Google Penguin Roll Back?

Google Penguin Roll Back?


We missed the chatter on the 15th December which many webmasters and SEO’s were saying they were seeing roll back from the latest Google Penguin update.

Has Google Rolled Back Penguin?

Today in the UK we are seeing some fluctuation in SERPs, for some niches. It’s certainly not massively impacting many sites but the one thing we have noticed is the SERPs are pretty much the same results pre-penguin update.

Anchor text link spammers are ranking more favourably, and the results are like for like pre-penguin.

No consistency in SERPs

What’s really interesting is not all industries seem to being seeing these results. In the main most are un-affected that we’ve checked. A few ups and downs in the verticals.

From what we can tell it appears to be an old data set. Sites that were pushed down when Penguin had looked over their quality of links are back where they were before the big Penguin update.

But in some cases it is just a few of the search terms for that site. 

What if Google has rolled back penguin?

It’s very unlikely Google would roll back an update of this magnitude. Penguin after all is designed to improve the quality of search results and the majority of pre penguin sites that were link spamming are back, certainly for the industries and niches we are checking on.

On Search Engine Land there was a lot of chatter from users saying webmasters and SEOs were seeing roll backs but after a day or so they returned.

What do we know about Google Algorithm roll backs?

Well they seem to usually occur when Google is updating something which means an old data set is being used. Once this refreshes to the latest dataset things go back to normal.

Google has recently updated the local places pack to include more filters and on going AMP updates, so it’s probably likely if it is an old dataset that it’s due to one of all of these changes.

What if it’s more than a roll back what can be done to improve your rankings?

Well I hate spam but I am seeing spammers prevailing again. Out of all our  sites we’ve been monitoring, a percentage that have seen ups or downs are generally ranking like they did pre-penguin 4.0 update all have aggressive anchor text link spam. Some by as much as 50% of their anchor text are money terms. These are mainly competitor sites that were spamming.

I am a glass half full guy, and I can’t see why Google would try and award sites who spam to rank better than those who play it by the book (as we do).

I am not sure it’s an algo update however as it’s not across the board for every niche/industry/category.

You’d expect to see site wide and overall changes for everyone if it were.

But surely Google isn’t allowing aggressive anchor text spam again?

Are you seeing fluctuations in your rankings? Join the discussion and leave your comments below.





Isn’t it time we removed all the smoke and mirrors from SEO?

Isn’t it time we removed all the smoke and mirrors from SEO?


Something crossed my mind last week whilst speaking to a white label SEO client. He said something about how this industry is so filled with billy big balls claiming to rock the SEO world. Over-promising and under-delivering has become the industry standard.

And usually leaving a path of destruction in their wake…….

Fixing other SEO companies poor quality work

We get a lot of work cleaning up other SEO companies cock ups, it’s possibly our fastest growing area of business enquiries. Usually it involves a unsuspecting customer who’s been sold a stallion and been given a one legged donkey ready for the glue factory. This is how it usually goes:

I started working with this other SEO company about a year ago. They promised me the world in a few months, but 6 months past and the only people i hear from is the accounts department. When i do ask them for a report I do get a lot of information but it feels like christmas stocking fillers, nothing substantial. And what’s worse is my site is no where to be found, and the rankings are dropping daily.

Plagued by rats!

I feel sorry for anyone that has endured such an awful experience, because there are great SEO providers out there. It’s not all rat filled sewers it’s really not. But with any boom you will get rats jumping on board to try and take a bit of the cheese.

The first thing we usually tell someone in this position is let us audit your website, it costs nothing and even if you don’t work with us we can help you from being ripped off.

Sometimes you just need to step back and say WHOA this ain’t working for me

Once we’ve completed their free website audit, if it’s bad news we’ll tell them, stop what you’re doing cancel your SEO campaign before any more problems occur. The problems are usually from poor quality link building, even in the wake of Penguin and manual action penalties we are still seeing so-called major SEO agencies crushing sites with crap links.

I won’t name any on this blog but believe me, big agencies are still doing it.

One SEO company in particular we must get 5-10 enquiries a year from their frankly shockingly poor quality and rank killing SEO work.

So if in doubt get your SEO checked out and if there’s enough evidence to suggest it’s probably not good for your site then it might be time to jump ship.

Google Penguin Refresh in the UK

Google Penguin Refresh in the UK

Blog Google Algo Update Google Penguin News SEO SERPS

Tonight at 22:30 we are seeing huge movement in the Google UK SERPS. As we predicted we thought the Google Penguin update might take another couple of weeks to feel the full affects of it in the UK as Google had announced approx 2 weeks ago the roll out had finished.

On October 10th 2016 we report that we were seeing some big changes in the organic results and previously Penguin affected sites were showing signs of improvement. But tonight we are seeing way more than even compared to the 10th October.

My guess is the data is finally hitting UK data centres and over the next week or so you should be seeing solid positions.

I hope you’re seeing more ups than downs, but remember guys even if you do get hit by the Penguin, never give up you can always recover.

Google Penguin Dataset Fluctations – But Penguin Recoveries Are Happening Right Now!

Google Penguin Dataset Fluctations – But Penguin Recoveries Are Happening Right Now!

Blog Google Algo Update Google Penguin SEO

Hey everyone I decided to hold off posting anything about the latest Google Penguin 4.0 algorithm update until I had collated enough data to report properly, and not just another click bait post.

So what do we know about Google Penguin 4.0 update

Well officially according to Google it rolled out on the 23rd September 2016 but many including myself believe it may have rolled out even soon than that. We tracked ranking fluctuations weeks and week before this and later in this blog we will share with you dates throughout the year where we tracked massive but temporary ranking improvements.

This is what Google has to say about the Penguin 4.0 Real Time Update

  • Penguin is now real-time. Historically, the list of sites affected by Penguin was periodically refreshed at the same time. Once a webmaster considerably improved their site and its presence on the internet, many of Google’s algorithms would take that into consideration very fast, but others, like Penguin, needed to be refreshed. With this change, Penguin’s data is refreshed in real time, so changes will be visible much faster, typically taking effect shortly after we recrawl and reindex a page. It also means we’re not going to comment on future refreshes.
  • Penguin is now more granular. Penguin now devalues spam by adjusting ranking based on spam signals, rather than affecting ranking of the whole site.

Let’s break this down in more detail and what Penguin 4.0 means for SEO’s and webmasters right now.

‘Penguin is now real-time’

get out of penguin jailThis now means if you’re website gets caught out for manipulating it’s organic search rankings then it can be as quickly corrected. More importantly though it means those who were hit by a previous generation of the Penguin algorithm and were waiting on a refresh to clear any penalties against them, as long as they have cleaned up their link profile and haven’t continued to spam will finally be free!

Google makes a big point of mentioning it’s now granular rather than penalising an entire website.

I think this is one of the most interesting points about the latest Google Penguin update. Previously spammers would feel the full wrath of Google should you get caught out. But now they are quite clearly telling us all that if you spam or try and cheat with paid links etc then you shouldn’t expect your whole site rankings to get killed off.

How Google Penguin now looks and deals with link spam

This is the biggie without a doubt and I could write about this all day but I will keep it short and sweet.

Google tells us that now it won’t penalise you but in fact will ignore suspicious links to your site. Hang on a sec!

No more Google Penguin Penalties, ever?!?!?!?!

google penguin 4.0 devalues links rather than penalizes

Yep according to this post Gary Illyes at Google said that they now look at signals that suggest spamming or link manipulation and will just devalue the links rather than penalising for them.

Goodbye link spammers and negative SEO problems then?

Looks like Google sorted that issue out then. But it does also make you question is a rolling Penguin update even that important if it just ignores spam? There are two types of websites right now that this applies to.

1.) Sites that already have a penalty from previous Google Penguin updates

2.) Sites that are yet to spam and have no issues.

So for the first type of website which have had Penguin issues, once the update has fully rolled out and all data is refreshed they are free from the evil Penguin.

The second type, the good guy not doing anything wrong then this really has no affect on them. Because if Google Penguin now devalues spam then it with neither harm or positively affect your rankings anyway.

The ones that slipped through the net

So far so good then with the Google penguin 4.0 update it seems. But what about serial spammers the seem to have slipped through the net? I discussed this in my last blog post about certain websites we’d found to be link spamming and getting away with it.

Techniques such as using link networks (SAPE/PBN’s) but cleverly using no relevant business keyword anchor text. Thus being able to keep off the radar from Penguin and the manual spam action team at Google.

Will Penguin ever catch up with the no-good-ers?

I think Penguin will only continue to evolve and catch black hatters out but right now from what we have seen those who choose to link spam using a bit more grey matter are getting away with it and dominating search results.

So that’s what we know about Penguin 4.0 so far and what it means right now for SEO’s.

Evidence of Google Penguin Recoveries

This is the really good news and also some pretty strong evidence that contradicts what many believed a Penguin recovery to really be.

The U.S were reporting Penguin recoveries a little sooner than we were seeing here in the U.K – We started to see these on Monday 3rd October 2016. At first the results of obvious recoveries were hit and miss but over the next week we saw many sites recovering and showing huge ranking and traffic increase.

Don’t worry about ranking fluctuations Google has a lot of data to go through

If you’ve been seeing fluctuations in your organic rankings over the last 2 weeks then don’t worry as Gary Illyes once again has said this is normal and to be expected.

During parts of the week we reported as many as 8 fluctuations per day, with rankings moving up and back down to their last seen position, pre Penguin 4.0 roll out.

google penguin recoveries and ranking fluctuations


Strange results in Google search for your domain?

I thought i’d mention this incase anyone else had seen strange indexing issues with their website.

For one website we are tracking who’s site has seen a huge Penguin recovery in the last week with traffic increased by as much as 50% their home page was not listed in the results if you searched

This site has no manual actions and I wouldn’t expect it to either as it has a very organic and clean link profile. Plus it’s rankings for every other page have increased massively. Plus what’s even more interesting is when using a mobile browser or even mobile device tethered to a laptop the home page is indexed and has been reindexed twice since we noticed the error.

I think there must be others seeing pages missing, even their home page/root domain but if you do don’t panic as there are no penalties from Penguin anymore, we know that anyway and it looks as those there are just some holes still in Google’s dataset.

Biggest Google Penguin Recoveries We’ve Seen

One site we look after was hit with a manual action in 2012 and Penguin penalty in 2013. We began the long drawn out task of auditing all of their inbound and outbound back links. Once we were certain on the offending links we started to reach out to websites asking them to remove them, and where we couldn’t get them removed disavowed them. 2778+ referring domains removed in total.

Waiting patiently for Penguin to refresh, we expected huge improvements in their rankings, but sadly it never came.

Recovery without link building as the primary SEO focus

Without building links, just a few organic ones the site has now fully recovered. Even with very few back links, only good content the website has made a full recovery.

During the early part of this year the website traffic started to increase and peaked in July (this is a seasonally effected industry)

traffic increase





Their website traffic hit almost the same peak as it did when they were spamming, over 45,000 unique visitors in a month.

Then came Penguin 4.0 last week and everything changed

I must be clear nothing else has been done just added more good content and concentrated on getting the on page SEO in order.

Last week everything changed for this website (which I’m not going to publish). Suddenly where it had once ranked page 1 but not been seen for almost 3 years was now back. Plus more importantly with all the new content it was getting a lot more long tail keyword traffic, over 30,000 search terms in fact as apposed to 200+.

So this leads the question can you recover from a Penguin penalty without link building and still rank page 1?

YES, Yes you can! We’ve seen it in more than once too.

We’re seeing sites previously panned in search with no SEO since and no links whatsoever now ranking where they once did.

Don’t give up on your penalised website, you can recover fully and even higher than you did before.

I say this because i’ve read so many times where business owners have been told by SEO’s just give up and build a new site on a new domain. But if you’ve spent thousands on building your site and just as much if not even more getting it to rank well just throwing it away shouldn’t be your first decision.

We’ve now recovered more than 50 websites in the last 24 months and more in the last 2 weeks.

If you’re site isn’t doing as well as it once did or has taken a hit recently then talk to us and we’ll try and help.

Say hello on Twitter


SPAM is BACK! The Latest Google Algorithm Update Apparently Loves Link Spam

SPAM is BACK! The Latest Google Algorithm Update Apparently Loves Link Spam

Google Algo Update

So last week we saw around the world reports of significant SERP changes in Google and chatter of a big algo update.

For us we saw very little change in our own sites and clients sites except for 2.

We did notice a lot of the verticles changing for brand searches and product searches but in the main localised searches, very little movement.

Reports of a big Google Algo update September 2016

Anyway looking in to two specific industry searches for 2 clients of ours we noticed one big difference and it smelled like spam right away.

The first was for ‘IT Support London’ this search term has been plagued by link spam for years and even to this day after numerous Google Penguin and Panda updates a lot of the main offenders still maintain strong page 1 results.

We immediately noticed that the worst link spammer in this niche whom have acquired a large number of back links in a very short time. See the screen shot from below

dirty dirt link spam at its worst

Since January 2016 this website has managed to acquire over 18,000 referring domains and 247,000 back links giving them a very healthy Ahrefs Rank score of 220,848 and domain rank of 55/100.

Take a look at their suspicious anchor text ratio

spam anchor text ratio

Noticed how their anchor text ratio is very varied and nothing to do with their business, searches or brand. We’re seeing more and more of this in the black hat SEO world where using lots of spammy links but keeping the anchor text ratio diverse seems to be avoiding any manual or algorithmic penalties from Google. Their anchor text ratio for any given keyword/phrase never rises above 1% keeping it diverse and organic looking if you were a Google Bot looking for patterns in aggressive anchor text ratio abuse.

From 8th to 2nd on Page 1

So going back to the recent Google Algorithm update that caused all the chatter this serial link spammer who built a lot of links very un-naturally from comment spam, forum profile links, web 2.0 links, footer links amongst others has seen a bit boost in their rankings and organic traffic. ‘IT Support London’ costs over £15 per click so this is a very profitable search term if you’re a link spammer.

I’ve also checked other sites on the SERP and virtually all on page 1 are link spamming and getting away with it, but the worst offenders are prevailing above those who choose to play by the books and not spam.

The playing field just isn’t level in this current version of Google

My point is until Google Penguin refreshes the way of the black hat SEO if adheres to certain fail safes can prevail and will out rank those who play it straight and don’t bend or break the rules.

Forget Google Penguin for now

I’ve stopped looking for announcements on Google Penguin Updates in the news search simply because we have been told time and time again a few weeks, this quarter, before the end of the year. Clearly Google isn’t quite ready to push this update and roll it out (although i do think we’ve seen it being tested as mentioned in my other blog posts) but I do think when the time does come there is going to be a big shift in the search results for spammers. The first version of Penguin hit hard and was very aggressive in taking spammers down, lets hope this only improves.

Other sites/industries positively affected by link spamming

We have also seen the same for ‘kitchens edinburgh’

Look at this site, not exactly well built or very well optimised, even the URL structure is a mess but they’ve jumped in the top 3 positions and i’ll show you how.

I don’t this the person responsible for their SEO has anything to do with their ranking improvements but in fact is from a hack.

We’ve all seen those nasty code injections to wordpress sites etc where a hacker gets in to a website and uploads a load of crap content. They then inject a bunch of other sites and link back to site A and before you know it theres a huge link network which redirects users to another site usually for calis. viagra or UGG boots.

Well this site has a huge amount of links coming from this attack which throws up a lot of strange anchor text links (see below)



Again no links with relevant brand or product search anchor text for this business, just spam.

Great for their website for now but I think this boost will be short lived as the links drop off.

So that’s example #2 of link spamming but this time not intentional by the website owner

Why is the latest Google Update loving link spam?

google link spamWe can only speculate why this latest Google Algo update yearns for link spam but my guess is that it’s recently been through a major world war and for years on rations now has access to some form of tinned  meat and has developed a taste for it.

Is Google Just Testing?

Or more seriously it’s testing something for certain verticals to see what the results are?

This would be my guess as Google says we don’t like link spamming and we will punish those who continue to persist with this method of bringing traffic to their website.

Recent Google Places Listing Update

I also read on Twitter that something was happening with Google Places listings and people all over the globe where seeing massive changes.

I’m going to put my neck out and suggest what this recent update really is.

I don’t think its an update in the traditional sense i think its a data set merge/error.

We’ve seen it time and time again over the last 9 years and it has all the hallmarks of a simple dataset error.

The signs the recent Google Places update is just a dataset error

  1. [‘Keyword’ + ‘Location’] and [‘Location’ + ‘Keyword’] don’t deliver similar results

screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-10-09-18 screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-10-09-07










See above this search results in different businesses being showed, in fact they’re almost completely different.

2.) Not all locations seem to be affected

Surely if this was a major update we’d see this across every single search and location, but we are not.

Unless Google say we’ve updated Google Places algorithm i’m just not buying it.

Usually what happens is that when Google are making changes to it’s places layout or features we see dataset merges or errors. And this is all i think it is. Pinging the listings with an update isn’t doing anything to correct and this is the same error we saw a few years back and eventually it just corrected itself.

Don’t worry people I’m sure this will correct itself.

3.) Local Pack + Organic results are not always related

We know that the organic result of the website and places listing position are correlated but with this glitch we’re seeing some places listings ranking very well with no organic positioning at all.

That’s all from us today just thought we’d give you our 2p (I’m not saying cents I’m sorry) but if you have anything you’d like to share with us you can reach my on twitter @seotwentyone or leave a comment below.


Google Search Console Error

Google Search Console Error


Hey folks if you’ve found this blog titled ‘Google search console error’ it’s a good chance you too are seeing errors in what used to be called Google Webmaster Tools.

I logged in to one of our accounts today to only be greeted with the error message ‘Hm. Something isn’t right. We’re checking into it now.’

Just proof Google does have off days and does break from time to time. Don’t worry it’s probably already fixed by now.

Wait a few hours and try again.


Google search console error