Google Adsense


If you have a website that generates a decent amount of daily traffic then you could be missing out on your earning potential through Google Adsense.

What is Google Adsense?

Simply put it is a way of delivering pay per click ads on your website through the extended Google Ad Network.

Because you are helping Google and their customers to advertise their business/products/services you earn revenue on every ad clicked through from your website/blog.

Adsense Best Practices

I find having a niche website to prove better at getting those impressions converting in to click throughs.

For example if you have a directory that covers all UK towns then maybe you might consider inputing Google Adsense on to the content to show highly relevant local business Ads to your visitors.

Let’s try and example:

User searches ‘Plumber Leicester’ finds your web page and within the content, ideally at the top of the page content you’d present them with the Adsense ads for ‘Local Plumbers in Leicester’.

This way the user gets relevant ads that they are more likely to click on.