Isn’t it time we removed all the smoke and mirrors from SEO?

Isn’t it time we removed all the smoke and mirrors from SEO?


Something crossed my mind last week whilst speaking to a white label SEO client. He said something about how this industry is so filled with billy big balls claiming to rock the SEO world. Over-promising and under-delivering has become the industry standard.

And usually leaving a path of destruction in their wake…….

Fixing other SEO companies poor quality work

We get a lot of work cleaning up other SEO companies cock ups, it’s possibly our fastest growing area of business enquiries. Usually it involves a unsuspecting customer who’s been sold a stallion and been given a one legged donkey ready for the glue factory. This is how it usually goes:

I started working with this other SEO company about a year ago. They promised me the world in a few months, but 6 months past and the only people i hear from is the accounts department. When i do ask them for a report I do get a lot of information but it feels like christmas stocking fillers, nothing substantial. And what’s worse is my site is no where to be found, and the rankings are dropping daily.

Plagued by rats!

I feel sorry for anyone that has endured such an awful experience, because there are great SEO providers out there. It’s not all rat filled sewers it’s really not. But with any boom you will get rats jumping on board to try and take a bit of the cheese.

The first thing we usually tell someone in this position is let us audit your website, it costs nothing and even if you don’t work with us we can help you from being ripped off.

Sometimes you just need to step back and say WHOA this ain’t working for me

Once we’ve completed their free website audit, if it’s bad news we’ll tell them, stop what you’re doing cancel your SEO campaign before any more problems occur. The problems are usually from poor quality link building, even in the wake of Penguin and manual action penalties we are still seeing so-called major SEO agencies crushing sites with crap links.

I won’t name any on this blog but believe me, big agencies are still doing it.

One SEO company in particular we must get 5-10 enquiries a year from their frankly shockingly poor quality and rank killing SEO work.

So if in doubt get your SEO checked out and if there’s enough evidence to suggest it’s probably not good for your site then it might be time to jump ship.