Massive Ranking Fluctuations in

Massive Ranking Fluctuations in


We didn’t see much going on over December, well in the scale that everyone in the US was reporting on Twitter for volatile ranking changes. But this week has been a brain melter for SERPs in

Huge fluctuations in this week

  • We’ve seen everything from websites taking 7 of the first page results.
  •, .ca websites being displayed in
  • Hourly ranking fluctuations by as many as 5 positions

Why are my website rankings fluctuating so much?

The truth is no one really knows but those at Google HQ. But if I were to have a stab in the dark i’d say it’s the 3 core algorithmic updates the US saw a few weeks back finally rolling out in the UK.

Could Google Penguin rolling out in the UK?

Sure! But I don’t think it is. It’s too random, we’re not seeing consistent results in some cases it’s just plain weird. We always tell clients that during an Algo update that things can get a bit crazy and it’s kind of normal now to see some dancing in the SERPs. But they usually settle down after a few days or a week in most cases. At one point i saw virtually no .co.yuk websites for a localised search at all and even saw retailers like – and believe me there is no reason for that search i did to show Argos.

Yes! I deleted my cache and web history and wasn’t signed in to Google either.

Why I don’t think it is Google penguin rolling out or being tested

The reason I’m less likely to believe it’s Google penguin is because some of the sites shouldn’t have even shown.

I also tweeted Barry Schwartz who said he wasn’t seeing any chatter.

I guess only time will tell if it’s permanent or maybe Google is just having a melt down because someone spilled coffee on a server somewhere 😉

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