SEO for Chiropractors

SEO for Chiropractors

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With over 14 years experience working with chiropractors and chiropractic clinics our team of local SEO specialists have been responsible for more than 12,000 first page results for our clients.

Recent Chiropractic SEO Clients Include:

Physio SEO Specialists

Physio SEO Specialists

Blog Local SEO SEO SEO Client Results Website Optimization

Physiotherapy SEO Services UK with over 10,000 first page results 

We realised that we’ve neglected our poor site and she’s well overdue an update but in the meantime we thought we’d share some of the physiotherapy SEO clients we’ve had over the last 14 years.

  • Physio4life
  • Harley Street Physiotherapy
  • Kuer Clinics
  • Cortisone London
  • Physio & More
  • Physiotherapy Specialists
  • West London Physio
  • Covent Garden Physio
  • Body Logics
  • London Physio
  • Synergy Physio
  • Simon Glover Physiotherapy
  • ESPH
  • Physio Remedies
  • Sprint Physiotherapy
  • The Great Health Company
  • Physio Matters
  • Move Physiotherapy
  • 76 Harley Street
  • Knaphill Physiotherapy
  • Marylebone Physio
  • Neurolink Physiotherapy
  • Optimal Health
  • Physio UK Net
  • Prohab
  • The Physio Clinic Bristol
  • Vitality Centre
  • CHHP
  • Physio Medicine
  • Fit4Life
  • Relaxus

New Patient Driven SEO for Physiotherapy Clinics

With over 14 years actively helping physiotherapy clinics improve their organic search visibility, traffic and new patient enquiry conversions, our team is one of the most knowledgable and experienced in our field.

Why you need Google Plus

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Google+ is one of the biggest and most important updates in Social Media and Google in years.

Better than Twitter?

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Google+ actually integrates with the organic search results. Just do a search for SEO21 and you will see my awful picture (taken pre too many burgers and beer).

We really love using this Google+ integration with blog posts and articles because it invites the user to connect with you on Google+ and helps them get to know you a bit before they even click on the website page.

Great for Local Businesses

I’m not sure if I would say better as it’s early days but I prefer the layout and functionality over Twitter. It has taken a bit of getting used to but I really love how it features ‘Nearby Posts’ so anyone in my local area can see my Google+ Posts, a great way for any local business to cast their net even wider.

Try Google+ and See for Yourself

Join me on Google+ 

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Google Places Local SEO SEO Website Optimization

Just a quick update but less than 24 hours after reported the latest Google Places glitch which affected some business listing owner

Google must have just had an overnight bug or one too many shandies as all is well again.

Remember you heard it here first!

Reported: 03:00am BST 5th May 2012



Local SEO

Local SEO

Blog Local SEO SEO

Local Search is 76% of all online searches

If your business is of local nature, i.e it provides it service within a town, city or county then you probably need to local at our Local SEO packages before anything else.

Local SEO: affordable for any business

Until a few years ago most people only though of generic searches when it came to SEO, the local business was not a factor in Search Engine Optimization.

We started SEO21 primarily to provide local SEO so that any business could take full advantage of their website and internet marketing strategy.

We know Local SEO

We’re proud that our local SEO results are so amazing that we’ll challenge any SEO to try and beat us. It won’t happen. Most people think very linear, I am a plumber in Leicester so I need only be found for ‘plumbers Leicester’.


Although that is probably the search with the most monthly searches there are long tail keyword phrases, variations and nearby towns and areas that should account for more of your new business enquiries.

Local Search Examples:

Plumbers in Leicester, Best Plumbers Leicester, Plumbers LE1, Cheap Plumbers Leicester, Reliable Plumbers Leicester, Emergency Plumbers Leicester.

This kind of lateral thinking can help your business pick up far more work that you would have seen before. There is probably less competition for these searches, so you will find it easier to climb to the first position on Google. And because these searches are far more descriptive they are more likely to convert in to new business.

Just think about when you search for something, you often start out with something like ‘restaurants Manchester’ and after finding a wide array of restaurants you might tailor your search to  ‘Italian restaurant Manchester City Centre’.

We are a culture of convenience and what ever can make our day to day lives that bit easier we are inclined to use it.

Key Elements to Local SEO Success

Website Optimization

Make sure that your website is optimized to be found for as many different permutations for your choose keywords and locations. Don’t just be found – DOMINATE the local search results.

Google Places Optimization

If you’re going to put your marketing budget anywhere put it to good use with Google Places. This is possibly the most important and valuable asset to the success of your local SEO campaign.

  • It’s often the first results found on Google
  • It shows all of your business details including website and telephone number
  • Call To Action is what Google Places does best