You’ve got products you want people to buy and Adwords is just eating up way too much of the profits, what do you do?

  1. Tie yourself down to Google Adwords long term and except it
  2. Invest in SEO and say goodbye huge monthly costs

We currently offer two e-commerce SEO services and both offer exceptional value and zero risk. Imagine being able to successfully market your products online in front of huge volumes of potential customers, and not having to pay Google a penny again……

The Power of Organic Search for your E-Commerce business

Within the 10 organic results that Google search delivers on every page we can place your products to the user. With optional benefits of rich snippet reviews to enhance your product listing.

Google Shopping SEO

A time not so long ago (well actually almost a year now) you could previously if you knew how, get your products featured in Google Shopping results. This was big news for those who knew how to harness it’s power.

But sadly Google realised it was losing out big time and made it a paid for service only in your Adwords campaign.

Don’t get upset just yet there is light at the end of the tunnel……….

We’ve found a huge glitch in Google Shopping that allows us to still feature product listings in Google Shopping! 😀

How you ask?

Get in touch and we’ll tell you…..

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