Is Google already rolling out or testing it’s penguin update?

Is Google already rolling out or testing it’s penguin update?


I’m sure we are all sick of reading about the pending Google Penguin 4.0 update but it’s something that many people are still discussing and wanting to know more.

We’ve covered many blogs about Google Penguin:

We’ve also covered SERP fluctuations in the UK over the last few months and strange results showing up then disappearing but what we all really want to know is when is Google going to release the new (improved?) Penguin update which is said to be an ongoing part of the core algorithm.

Why Google Might Have Already started to roll out the latest Penguin update and not told us?

I have a theory well it’s more of a speculation but it may be possible that Google has been testing the new penguin algorithm for months now and just kept it a secret.

Prove it!

Ok well until Google say’s ‘penguin is live’ then we can’t officially prove it but here’s some interesting information that might make you think otherwise and Penguin is slowing being rolled out or tested.

  1. Many site owners, SEOs and webmasters all reporting massive ranking fluctuations since January.
  2. We have seen websites previously hit by Penguin recover in the last 6-8 weeks. we are talking about sites not on page 1 to top of page 1 overnight. These sites are not currently doing any SEO or link building and seem to have just recovered of their own accord.
  3. Seeing weird stuff in the search results. Now I know this is far from evidence of Penguin but we’ve seen before that just before an algorithm or core update takes place we see weird data merging and bizarre features in Google search results. These usually do not last very long, from a few hours to a few days. But it’s another clue that Google might be making some pretty big changes. This always happens with Google Places in fact. When a significant change happens to Google Places such as the removal of star ratings, colour changes to the layout, 7 packs to 3 pack we always see oddities in data such as wrong cities or country results in Google Places.

Why would Google keep it quiet about rolling out it’s next major Penguin update?

They might well not be but think about it this way does your business leak all of its information publicly before everything has been tested?

Would you release a product that has not been finished?

No! Neither would I and maybe that’s one reason why all these strange goings on in search are penguin related. Just maybe Google is testing to see how it affects search for the good and bad before it announces to the world the next version of the Penguin algorithm has been released.

I would bet money that when we do hear that announcement Penguin 4.0 is live that in fact they’ve been testing it for months before announcing it’s ready.

Google Penguin 4.0 isn’t just another update it’s a lot bigger than that.

The difference we are expecting from the Penguin 4.0 update is that it will work on real-time basis. It doesn’t necessarily mean you get a bad or good link from a site on Monday morning and at 9:01 you get a penalty or ranking improvement. From how we understand Penguin 4.0 to work it will crawl a site check the outbound links to your site then make an alteration to your organic search positioning depending on the quality and legitimacy of the link.

i’m not saying Penguin 4.0 is definitely here but I think it could be very likely it’s already being tested live and will be released/announced very soon.

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