If your SEO company can’t guarantee you results then you should be asking them why not?

SEO it’s not Voodoo it’s a science

Every part of any SEO campaign is a well constructed, thought out and strategic plan. It’s really not a case of trying different things here and there, and relying just on quality back links.

Google is always watching

We know that Google will index your changes in no more than 21 days if you’re site is left to be crawled automatically. With a bit of tweaking you can get Google Bot to crawl every few seconds, so that a new blog post or page change is picked up immediately.

We don’t drag our heels

So if you’re SEO is telling you it will take longer you can tell them that you know that they can influence Google Search indexing much more quickly.

We’re are fed up with all the bull from so many other SEO’s, we’re hear just to give you the truth and an honest reliable guaranteed service.

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