Website Optimization

website optimization

Website Optimization

Website Optimization is the process of making your website search engine friendly and favourable to Google, Yahoo and Bing. The reason we used the term over 'SEO' is because you're not really optimizating a search engine, we have no access to changing the Google algortihm.

Website Optimization Understanding the Basics

In order for Google to find your website it looks for the following things:

  • Meta tags
  • Well written website copy
  • ALT tags
  • Site Map
  • Back Links

These are the foundations of your website optimization, start by cleaning these up and making Google's job as easy as possible to find your website based on relevancy.

Of course there is a lot more to website optimization that just clever meta tags but we're not going to tell you our secrets. The secret to getting first page results is in the method delivery and that's all we're giving you on that.

Experienced SEO's

Our team of website optimization and SEO engineers have been getting first page results on Google for more than 8 years. Together we are responsible for more than 250,000 top 10 positions on Google, and that's not even taking Yahoo and Bing in to consideration.

White Hat Website Optimization Tips

If you've spent any time speaking to SEOs or on the web finding more information on website optimization then you will be familiar with the terms black-hat and white-hat.

'White-hat' is the ethical approach to website optimization, playing it by the book as written by Google. At SEO21 we only use white-hat optimization techniques to improve your rankings.

'Black-hat' refers to everything you shouldn't be doing to get your site higher on Google's organic results. Common examples are link farming, clear text, and keyword stuffing.

Website Optimisation Vs PPC Advertising

PPC can be great for any business if done right but the one major downside is that unless your website is performing well organically then you'll always have to pay Google or Bing for the privilege of being found on page one, and paying for every single click. Optimise your website however and that all changes. You're no longer shelling out hundreds, even thousands of pounds every month but instead your website optimisation is paying for itself and generating the much needed new business enquiries you need.

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