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With over 14 years experience of working with physiotherapists and physiotherapy clinic across the UK – SEO21 specialise in getting your physiotherapy practice found wherephysio4life seo it needs to be be online.
And not just getting found 1st on Google but getting more new patient enquiries than you ever thought possible.
We are different because we live in your world every single day – we eat, sleep, breathe and dream (sadly) about what it takes to get people finding your website when looking for a physiotherapist. Contact us if you need Physio SEO!

Understanding your Physio SEO needs

First point of contact is to find out who you are, what you specialize in and what exactly it is that you need to increase your new patients.

Detailed Marketing Analysis for Physiotherapists

We provide a detailed report to every prospective physiotherapy clinic whether you decide to use us or not. This gives you accurate details of competitor marketing, so you know what exactly your number 1 competitor is doing to increase their business.
This includes a detailed plan of keyword and key phrases strategy (what keywords you need to get that new patient to your website and then picking up the phone to book an appointment)
imagine: ‘Your very own marketing expert on hand 365 days a year’

Plan of Attack! How To Rank Your Physio Site

Once we have looked at your website and marketing as it stands we then provide you with a detailed plan on how to best market your practice online.

SEO Services available for physiotherapists:

• Bespoke website development (see examples of our work here)
• Search Engine Optimization – (Taking your website and putting it at the top of the pile)
• Google Places Optimization – (we’ll put your clinic on the top of Google Maps)
• Logo design/Brand Development (stand out of the crowd)

Weekly Statistic Report

Using the latest technology we implement a dedicated website traffic monitoring system to your website which will provide you with a weekly or monthly website statistics report to your email.

Why do we do this?

We think it is not only important that you see with your own eyes how well SEO21 work for you but also being able to monitor all forms of advertising.
It is sometimes very difficult to actively monitor where your new patients come from, sometimes when they say Google they may mean Aol, which uses Google search, or Yell when they mean another similar directory.

Service Promise

When any clinic, be it a one man/woman operation to a large multi-national physiotherapy clinic we treat every one with the same attitude.
‘We’re here to win and we won’t be defeated!’
You get 12 months support and assistance with any service or product with SEO21. So you can be rest assured we’re here for the long run and we’ll do whatever we can to make your business go further.
SEO21 are your eyes and ears every single day of the year, but you’re not paying us for that it’s free.

Physiotherapy SEO Testimonials

Each of the physiotherapy clinics below has seen a return from their investment with SEO21. Like we’ve said before we believe in being committed to everyone of our clients and we know what it means to have endless promises

Physiotherapy SEO & Digital Marketing Tips

1.) Did you know that there is almost DOUBLE the amount of searches every month for ‘physiotherapy’ as there is for ‘physiotherapists’
So that little ‘s’ makes a lot of difference to how prospective patients can find you doesn’t it?
2.) The most common pages on a physiotherapy website after the home page are; ABOUT US, TESTIMONIALS, CONTACT.
So what if you only have 1 or 2 pages to your physiotherapy website? Does this matter?
Yes it does! The key is to getting enough information for that patient looking for a physiotherapy to want to know more about your clinic, but at the same time not boring them to tears. You’ve only got about 30 secs to make
that 1st impression the right one so get it right from the word go.
3.) Did you know that on average there are approximately 10 times the volume of searches for ‘MASSAGE’ as there are for ‘physiotherapy’ in any given geographical location.
We believe it is because most pain sufferers who are seeking professional medical treatment for the first time do not know the difference between a physiotherapy, osteopath or physiotherapist and ‘massage’ is commonly believed to be one of the therapies that helps in treating pain.
4.) Make a connection! What makes you different to the next physiotherapy down the road?
This is what you should be asking yourself when marketing your clinic, because there are literally dozen’s even hundreds of choices for someone finding a physiotherapy in your area and even if you are NUMBER ONE on Google it doesn’t mean your going to get the business.
So our recommendation to you is make a connection with the user early on. Show them around your clinic (virtually speaking) introduce them to yor staff. Not just the obvious stuff like ‘I am a physiotherapy in the UK’ but small personal elements too so they can see you are a real person. “PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE – FACT!”

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