‘Cancellation Holidays’


www.cheapbeachholidays.co.uk is becoming a major player within the Google organic search results. Because the CMS is quite restrictive the majority of our SEO work is through quality link building.

In less than a week we’ve seen their results for ‘cancellation holidays‘ go from position 6 on page 2 to 1st position on page 1.

The next week or two we will expect to see the usual Google Dance but then settle between position 1 and 2. Which is fantastic news and the traffic results are already showing.

We’re currently working our butts off to get them on the first page for a much much more competitive and highly sought after search term ‘cheap holidays’. 2 weeks ago they weren’t in the first 100 pages and already they’re page 4 for a search that gets approximately 2 million searches per month.

More coming soon……

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