E-commerce’s Secret SEO Weapon


If your business sells products online, be it in the physical or digital sense then are you missing out on one of the greatest most unused SEO tools within your arsenal?

Google Merchant Centre Optimization

That’s right Google have even created a dedicated place for any business to sell their products online. The best part about it’s free to all.

For pretty much any product search, Google will present the user with 3 product options currently for sale right now. They’ve also included a tab at the top of the results (and the left) called ‘Shopping’ and when you click that you are presented with all of the products it has in it’s database.

How do I get my products listing in Google Merchant Centre/Google Shopping?

That’s the tricky part, you’re going to need to understand XML feeds, and read through all of Google’s guidelines before you can upload your list. If you do this incorrectly you feed will not be indexed within the Google Shopping results.

Let us handle the techno trickery for you

For a nominal fee not only can we create your XML feed for Google Shopping but even optimize it to make sure it features within the first page results.

Say goodbye to Adwords forever

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