Google+ Local Optimization

Google+ Local SEO

Getting local businesses to the top of Google+ Local is what we do best. with more than 7 years Google+ Local Optimization under our belts and over 5,000 first page Google+ Local positions there isn’t a search we can get position A for.

Approximately 86% of all local searches result in the user contacting the business found in the Google+ Local business listings, and approximately 60% of those contacting the business found at position A. Which means ensuring your businesses local places positioning is at the top is more important than ever. Beating Google PPC and organic results hands down you can expect your Google Places listing to generate more new business calls than any other internet marketing medium. Google+ Local Optimization means you spend less on advertising on Google Adwords, and the return on investment is much higher.

Benefits of Google+ Local Optimization

  • More Calls
  • More Revenue
  • More Cost Effective than PPC or SEO
  • Creates Strong Brand Awareness

Guaranteed Google Places Optimization

Before we even begin using our tried and tested Google+ Local Optimization techniques out on your listing we start by finding out what your business does. It may sound pretty obvious but because we give you up to 5 keyword phrases to get found on the first page for, you may be missing out on fantastic opportunities for other related keywords that could deliver just as many new business enquiries as your primary search phrase. We then analyse your local competition to see who we need to beat. Once we have done all that we provide you with our recommended list of keywords along with the ones you have provided to choose from.

Believe it or not Google+ Local  requires a lot of off page optimization. This means the stuff that isn’t on your listing. Forget about your description, those days are long gone that a cleverly written business description will get you to the top. In October 2009 we cracked the Google Places algorithm and we now use our own programming techniques to manipulate the local search results. Our team of Google Places optimization experts tinker away for approximately 70 hours to deliver you with a position A result on Google+ Local.

We can’t give away any more than that but we can tell you that all of our Google+ Local optimization does adhere to the strict Google Places guidelines set by Google. We only employ whitehat optimization techniques and our work is 100% safe to any business.

We Know Google+ Local

Because we know better than anyone how Google Places optimization works we don’t need your money upfront. We are so confident that we can get your business on the first page and even to position A that you only pay once your business is on the first page and you are 100% happy with our service.


Just some of our recent results on Google+ Local

Physio Harley Street’ – Google+ Local Result A
‘Storage Kent’ – Google+ Local Result A
‘Storage Maidenhead’ – Google+ Local Result A
‘Carpet Fitters Northampton’ – Position A
‘Physio West London’ – Google+ Local Result A
‘Aerials London’ – Google+ Local Result A
‘Personal Trainers London’ – Position A
‘Pilates Class London’ – Google+ Local Result A
‘Plumbers Leicester’ – Google+ Local Result A
‘Carpet Cleaning Devon’ – Position A
‘Lettings Basingstoke’ – Google+ Local Result
‘Letting Agent Lakenheath’ – Position A
‘Boot Camp London’ – Google+ Local Result A
‘Physio Woking’ – Google+ Local Result A
‘Pilates LA’ – Google+ Local Result A
‘Pilates Los Angeles’ – Google+ Local Result A
‘Osteopaths Edinburgh’ – Position A
‘Chiropractor Basingstoke’ – Position A
‘Wedding Photographers London’ – Position B
‘Basketball London’ – Google+ Local Result C
‘Hog Roast Kent’ – Google+ Local Result A
‘Plasterers Northampton’ – Google+ Local Result C
‘Sports Massage London’ – Google+ Local Result A
‘Hypnotherapy London’ – Google+ Local Result A
‘Removals London’ – Google+ Local Result A
‘Dentist London’ – Google+ Local Result A
‘Clinic Harley Street’ – Google+ Local Result A


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