What is Google Shopping Optimization?

Google Shopping Optimization

Google Shopping optimization is a bit of an uncovered gem in the SEO world. We all know about PPC and the organic results on Google but what about the Google Shopping results that appear on the first page if you search for any type of branded or OEM product?

Google will actually push your products in front of potentially millions of customers looking for exactly what you’re selling. And because your product features within the organic results it doesn’t cost you anything per click and they are more trusted by the user because they are organic/natural results.

Google Shopping XML Optimization

An XML feed is a simple text file that Google Shopping requires to index and present your products in the online world. It can be a daunting task for anyone who does not have previous experience with XML feeds, and Google wants to make sure your data feed is as accurate as possible before giving you a free pass to it’s best kept SEO secret.

Getting it right the first time

Anyone with the right information can get your Google Shopping feed indexed but for it to actually present your products within the first page results is much trickier to do. Most people fall short at this hurdle by trying to manipulate the categories you can choose but Google will only recognise the formatted categories in it’s database.

More Sales without PPC

How much are you spending per month on Google AdWords? I bet it’s a lot more than you would like it to be isn’t it?

But it’s all relative if you are making a larger return that your investment then that’s great you’ve got a winning formula. Now take Google AdWords out of the equation, how’s your bottom line looking now?

“Say ‘Goodbye’ to Google AdWords”

We guarantee that you’ll see a greater return from our Google Shopping optimization over any PPC campaign.

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