Back links are like food for your website. But like food quality, there’s a big difference between bad links and good links and they can make a big difference to your website’s organic presence.

Good Links Only Please!

There are many link providers out there, the promise of DA50+, pr7+ (note page rank no longer exists) do follow links but most of the time these are spammy non-contextual paid links using forum profiles, web 2.0, comment links. Just avoid this type of link spamming. All that you are looking to improve is the target on your back.

What Are Back Links?

Back links are simply put a link from another website to yours. The more of these “back links” you have the more favorably your site we will be seen by the search engines. That’s a very loose explanation and of course there’s a lot more to it. Link quality, relevancy, placement etc all play a part in what makes a good link.

The Benefits of Link Building

  • Increase your popularity with Google
  • Appear higher on search engines
  • More new customers to your website

How does link building help my website optimization?

If you’re fortunate enough to have your website optimized and appearing on Google then adding back links is definitely for you. Imagine you’re position 2 but want to be no.1? Your site is already optimized but by adding valuable back links you can influence the search engines to push your site even higher with the more links you have.

Let’s move past just link building

Instead of thinking i need more links of a certain value to my site look at why your site isn’t performing. Speak to us about how to improve your website’s overall visibility.
There’s more to SEO than links, but it is usually an important factor.

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