Manual Link Building in the UK


The key to successful SEO is partly down to quality link building as most of us know already. But how much do high quality back links make a difference to our search engine ranking positions (also known as SERPS)?

Manual Link Building Why?

We’ve always used our own ways on quality link building, going across the grain rather than just going on what you may read on forums etc. We actually test all link building methodology for months and months before we roll it out on our clients campaigns.

Quick pop quiz:

When your SEO delivers your back link report do you monitor the progress of your back links to see if they are actually working for your campaign?

Or do you just trust your SEO and take their word as gospel?

How long do you see the positive and beneficial effects from your back links you purchased?

Think about that for a moment.

We’ve been using some new ways of manual link building here at the office over the last 3 months and we’re seeing some very positive and exciting results.

This really is manual link building in the UK. We do it all in house as I analyse and source all the links myself.

Is it really Manual Link Building?

Other manual link building firms claim to do this but when in fact the actual link building is outsourced to India.
There’s nothing wrong with that, let’s face it the labour costs are far less for the same results. (if you have a good team)

On a recent campaign we have added maybe 4 really high quality back links in the past 2-3 months. But even 60 days after we added our last link we are still seeing daily SERP improvements and yet we’ve not added any more back links.

Want To Know More

If you would like more information on our manual link building then contact our office on 01274 214 210

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