Approved SEO


If I can pass on just one piece of advice to anyone looking to find an approved SEO company is this.

Ask for recent evidence of their work.

You ideally want to see searches of a competitive nature and or if possible within the same industry sector as yours.

1.) Can you speak to your account manager on a daily basis?

2.) Is your account manager an SEO expert or just a salesperson?

3,)Ask for explanations in English, cut off the geek talk.

Google Approved SEO

Actually there is no such thing really. Google don’t promote any SEO companies but they do offer simple guidelines for SEO’s to follow. Now this is where we do come in to ‘Google Approved SEO’. We don’t bend the rules, no grey areas as far as we are concerned. If it can’t be done ethically and through whitehat SEO techniques then we aren’t interested. But we’ve never missed a deadline or failed to hit a first page result in 8 years. You can talk all the bull you want in this industry but when the chips are down it’s purely who can deliver real results.

We’re not the only UK SEO you’ll come across who can deliver amazing results on Google organic search, but pound for pound you won’t find any that come close. Our closest competitor has over 100 employees in London and a huge turnover. Yet week on week we compete with their clients results. The difference with us is that we’re a small SEO firm, but we’re bad ass at it. No huge overheads, we’re based in Newcastle where it’s 1972 compared to London rates. Only last week I paid for a computer with coal 😉

If you are looking for a fast and effective way to double and triple your business then contact Tom and SEO 21 now.” – Mike Squirrell