Google is watching

Google is watching


This is a game changer – You need to read this!

Recent updates to Google’s search ranking algorithm means you need to make sure you don’t consider your SEO as something to do every now and then.

There are a lot of people reporting on forums that their results are dropping. None of ours of course!

“Be like water”

As in make your site be every where. Don’t think that a few keywords are enough these days, it’s important to look at different permutations of your target keywords.


The single most important factor in SEO right now is be regular. This includes:

  1. Link Building
  2. Blog Posts
  3. Adding new content
Almost every one we work with is adding more back links to their own website.

Why? Because links work.

Think of a single back link as a personal referral. This person is talking about you, telling the world go to (as an example). It’s Google’s way of indentifying your online reputation.
But it’s not just about the amount of links it’s the quality too. The better the link reputation, the more it will do for your search results. But getting links a few times a year isn’t enough, Google wants to see natural link building processes. This means if you average 10 links per month, then average this for the year. It’s the only way to a truly successful online presence.


People who know us know that your online reputation matters most to us. We want you to succeed, therefore we only use manual natural link building processes.
  • No bad links
  • No Spamming
  • No Paid Directory Links
  • Just Quality Organic Back Links

Results in just 6 weeks!

Take this recent example for Cubism Law
Franchise Lawyers‘ – 10 back links per month and Position 4 on page 1 of Google in 6 weeks!

What’s the next step?

Speak to us about what your site needs to secure it’s online rankings and even grow them to get more new customers.
Every businesses requirements are different, some don’t need much to make a difference. And for a very minimal investment back in to your site on a regular basis, You’re going to see a BIG difference in traffic and results!

“The Best Way to See Results Right NOW!”

“Cheaper than print advertising & Google Adwords”

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Google Penguin Penalty: What to do if you’ve been penalised


What to do if your website has taken a hit in rankings from Google’s latest Penguin update

google penguin penalty what to do

With over 700,000 websites already reporting their organic rankings affected by the evil Google Penguin update there is a lot of talk within the SEO community on what to do if you have received a message in your Webmaster Tools inbox from Google re: suspicious links.

Here’s our take on the situation and what to do before resubmitting your site to Google for re-consideration:

1.) Stop link building immediately

Why? How do you know you won’t get another bad back link to your site, which Google is going to see, and get a further penalty?

Two wrongs will kick you in the ass and I don’t know any webmaster, SEO or business that wants to get the site removed from Google’s indexed, or blacklisted for 3-6 months.

2.) Analyse your back links that have cached. A great tool which has a 30 day free trial is SEO Powersuite and it can effectively analyse your current back links much more accurately than some of the free online back link checkers.

3.) Remove all suspicious looking back links. There are ways an means such as contacting the webmasters themselves if your link building company can’t remove them or don’t know how. Another great service is DMCA takedown – we’ve used them twice to get stolen content taken from our site down. They usually do it in well under than 24 hours and it’s not an expensive service about £100.


What to look for when searching for bad/suspicious back links:

SEO Powersuite will tell you using a green to red colour scheme if these links you have indexed to your site have any warnings on them, green = good and red = bad.

Look at the domains themselves, are they really new with lots of outbound links?

Paid for links – Personally we avoid any sites with ‘buy links here’ or ‘paid back links’ on their site. You’re just asking for trouble. Of course it is likely that Google has a filter in built to look for such tags, alt text or meta data. Just avoid like the plague it’s a fundamental rule of Google to not use paid for links.

Anchor Text Density

Quite a recent find but if the majority of your links say ‘best seo’ or ‘diamond rings cheap’ for example that looks un-natural to Google. In reality if it were organic link building we’d all write them slightly different it’s not like your customers care what is says after all. So very them, alternative try long tails, spelling mistakes this should keep you off Google Penguin’s radar.

Google Penguin has a darker side

The other interesting point I don’t see people talking about is if Google really is going to be using this in it’s algorithm and quality checks to determine site positions then surely if you wanted to beat your competition without link building you would just buy really bad links to your competitor’s websites. I’m not suggesting in any way we all do this, I for one am against black-hat SEO.

We’ve all seen those links advertised for 10,000 for $5 – and we avoid them.

But you can see where I am coming from, there has to be a darker side to this we must be all aware off. Nothing worse than playing it by the book for some rogue SEO trying to get you penalised.

Google Penguin Case Study:

I thought I would add this on to this post as it is relevant and i’m sure some people will be able to relate to.

Yesterday I spoke to a business (not a customer just a cold caller) who wanted to know about the Penguin cull. They told me they received a penalty warning from Google in their webmaster account approximately 4 weeks ago.

When I asked what they were doing about it they said ‘Oh nothing!’……..

Really? Nothing that’s an odd decision, and you said your ranking are dropping everyday?

To which they replied sheepishly ‘Yes’.

So at least you’re not still link building, and not with the same company you’ve been using that have picked up this dodgy back link though right?

There was a bit of a silence and then a ‘errr yes’.

I was stunned to be honest. You get a penalty but yet you still carry on link building and haven’t tried to remove any potential suspicious back links. I can’t believe any company would willingly go toe to toe with Google. It’s Google they hold all the cards, it’s their casino. You all saw what Joe Pesci did in the 90’s film Casino right? [Head-in-Vice] Same thing applies here. Play by the rules and don’t mess with the don, he will have your head and squish it like a grape.