Google Webmaster Tools – Top Tip #1


For those of you already familiar with Google Webmaster tools then this will be very simple and for those less experienced with this area, well it’s still going to be very simple but you just need to pay attention.

Google webmaster tools is a must for every site owner or SEO.

Simply because it enables you to communicate with Google even better, and with the right set up you can get your search results indexed even more quickly.

Webmaster Tools Top Tip #1

Most admins only verify the domain with the www but if you verify with the http:// and without the www you will ensure your site is indexing more frequently.

Also you can change the crawl parameters from the standard 30 day(ish) crawl to weekly, daily, hourly or constant. So no more waiting around for pages to get indexed. WordPress sites generally do this for you but if you’ve not got a WordPress powered site give it a go and see your pages on Google search within a few minutes.