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Yell.com no more say hello to Hibu?

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Okay so we’re not the biggest fans of ageing dinosaurs such as Yell.com who’s exorbitant prices to feature somewhere that no one looks for a postage stamp sized add on the back end of a search facility that takes more time to use than reading this introduction….

Ahh and breathe!

So I heard this week that Yell.com is no more and they are re-branding to Hibu, WOW! I am no branding specialist but as far as names go this isn’t exactly pretty is it. Wasn’t Hibu the name of Aladdin’s monkey? Not sure about that one anyway.

“They think it’s all over – it is now!”

Whether you love Yell or not I think this is a pretty important moment in local marketing history.

It’s the moment that old school directories that boasted huge profits for years and years before the internet boom  finally admit it’s over.

I am really more surprised they’ve left it so long. Ifg they’d adapted to Search Engine Marketing years ago and not just waiting until there was no other option it would look more credible.

So no doubt many of you will be pestered by the minions of this fresh face new kid on the block, armed to the teeth with buzz words to juice you up in to buying more stuff that doesn’t work.