Why you need Google Plus

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Google+ is one of the biggest and most important updates in Social Media and Google in years.

Better than Twitter?

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Google+ actually integrates with the organic search results. Just do a search for SEO21 and you will see my awful picture (taken pre too many burgers and beer).

We really love using this Google+ integration with blog posts and articles because it invites the user to connect with you on Google+ and helps them get to know you a bit before they even click on the website page.

Great for Local Businesses

I’m not sure if I would say better as it’s early days but I prefer the layout and functionality over Twitter. It has taken a bit of getting used to but I really love how it features ‘Nearby Posts’ so anyone in my local area can see my Google+ Posts, a great way for any local business to cast their net even wider.

Try Google+ and See for Yourself

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