What is the key to SEO & Conversion?


It’s not all about getting to the number 1 spot for your chosen keyword – Yes! of course it’s pretty darn important but what is really crucial to your internet marketing or SEO is getting those visitors to turn in to new business.

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Website Optimization Conversion Top Tips:

1.) Don’t just say ‘we are the best!’ Let your customers do it for you. Encourage your customers to review you online on third party websites such as Trip Advisor, Yelp and Qype. Get them to review your business on your Google Places listing. Some of the best converting websites I know have many reviews and they encourage their customers to add them by offering a discount on their next order/purchase.

2.) Saturate. Don’t think right i’ve got to number 1 on Google for ‘cancellation holidays’ I am happy with that traffic flow. No two people are the same and we all search differently. So even picking up those long tails and variations of the search can prove to be more successful in getting more traffic you would have normally missed and it will convert better.

Attract, Engage, Convert

When you think about it that’s all SEO is. You pay a firm to optimize your website, it’s then your websites job to keep them interested long enough to make a decision ‘Yes I want to buy!’ So remember those 3 simple words and stick with it you won’t go wrong. ‘Attract, Engage, Convert’

Website Optimization Tips